Can I set up auto-recharge for my Pre-Paid service?

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You can set up auto-recharge for your Pre-Paid service, so you don’t have to worry about running out of calls, texts and data. You’ll also continue receiving low credit and expiry SMS notifications from us.


Set up auto-recharge in the My Telstra app

  1. Download or open the My Telstra app
  2. Tap on the Services tab
  3. Select your Pre-Paid service and scroll down to More with your service
  4. Select Auto recharge and follow the prompts.



Set up auto-recharge in My Telstra in a browser

  1. Sign in to My Telstra using your Telstra ID
  2. If you have more than one account, select your Pre-Paid service from the dropdown list at the top of the page
  3. Next to your service, select Auto Recharge and follow the prompts.

You must have a Telstra ID in order to set up auto-recharge.

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The advice on this page regarding auto-charge of a pre-paid mobile is INCORRECT.  NONE of the suggested methods to set up an auto recharge work -- Attempting to do so via the phone (#100#), online or via the 24x7 app all fail with a "an expected error occurred, please try again" error message.  If you ring the suggested pre-paid number (125-888) the only only recharge options available are via a credit card or voucher, not auto-recharge.


So there is NO way to auto-charge a pre-paid mobile since it also cannot be done via chat or visiting a Telstra store.

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Yes correct. The My Telstra app just gives the error message "Sorry there is a problem with our system. Try again later"


The interesting thing is that when you try to do a monthly scheduled auto payment the system doesn't provide any opportunity to nominate the $ amount. It almost looks like Telstra have deliberately crippled the app so you can't use that function?

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Telstra please be aware that the function to add an auto monthly renewal to a prepaid mobile account just does NOT work. By the looks of it the Telstra app has been out of action for at least 3 weeks but Telstra don't appear to be interested.


When you try to use  the auto recharge function you get the message "Sorry there is a problem with our system".


There sure is!!


The system doesn't even allow you to nominate the $ amount as that seems to have been deleted from that part of the app. It appears to have been deliberately crippled.

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My thinking is that the removal of the auto monthly renewal option is a deliberate ploy by Telstra to earn more revenue.


They are forcing people to use manual recharge which only lasts for 28 days and not a month. That gives them an extra 10% revenue.


I would not trust Telstra on this one at all! 

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The Telstra auto recharge function for pre-paid mobiles still does not work.  I have just had an extended exchange with Telstra staff but they refuse to believe that the problem is in their system and will do nothing to fix the issue.

Best solution I have found is to recharge for 6 months or 1 year and at least the problem only arises much less frequently.

What a pity that the management of Telstra has no interest in helping customers.  It will all go bad for them when Optus further extends its network to more rural and remote areas. Expect a lot of unhappy Telstra customers to change over when that happens.

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The process for setting up auto recharge seems to be working again.  Took a long time but Telstra has at last fixed the previously defective system.

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Why can't I set up auto recharge without saving details from a previous recharge?

If I can't do it in advance I have to do it early and lose a portion of the 28 days I have already paid for and if I try to stretch it out until I use up at least 27 days I run the risk of forgetting and then losing my data roll-over.

Either way it's a rip off. 

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RE: Mobile Broadband Scheduled Recharge


When I scheduled my Mobile Broadband Recharge it use to recharge on a set day of each month even though it was a 28 day cycle and Telstra would ignore the extra 2 or 3 days.


Under the NEW recharge system the recharge is good for only 28 days i.e. I pay for not 12 months recharge in one year but 13 months.  In effect, on a $50 per 28 day play, the monthly rate is $54.17.


The message I get is "This payment method will be charged $50 in 26 days and every 28 DAYS from thereafter."


Is there any way of setting the scheduled recharge to the set day of each month?


Thank you

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Auto Recharge for Pre Paid phones does not seem to work as of today (03/06/2021).  When you recharge, the link to Auto Repay fails.  

As a large company Telstra, this is not acceptable and reflects on your company as a whole, not that you seem to really seem to care. Maybe this is why I am considering moving to another Service Provider.

Support Team
Support Team

Hey Paddyadshead, 

It's never good when someone has trouble like this. Message us via our mobile app & we can investigate this further for you.