Community recognition April 2018

Support Team
Support Team

Mahalo there CrowdSupport Community. We have had a great start to 2018 with more and more people registering to become community members. Hopefully this trend continues!

We rolled out our NBN satisfaction guarantee, we increased the speed for our Cable internet customers at no cost not to mention it was also the debut of the iPhone 8 RED.

We also launched our first Device Insider for 2018 with two of our Brains Trust members @ForensicsGuru and @cf4 doing in depth reviews on the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+. They put the phones through their paces and provided great reviews. I will be doing a wrap up blog on these in the next week so keep your eye out for that but make sure to check out their reviews.

As I mentioned last month, we have been running a competition that gives you chance to win a new Samsung Galaxy S9. Entries for this competition closed as of May 2nd at 5:00pm AEST. We will now be judging these entries to pick a winner. If you want to know more you can read the full Terms & Conditions.

As always, we couldn’t do what we do without your contributions day in and day out. It’s what makes CrowdSupport a great community and as Community Managers, we would like to acknowledge the contributions of our valued members over the past month.

Check out our top 10 MVC’s (Most Valued Contributors) for April 2018:

Monthly Top 10 MVC's – Apr 2018






Lv 20: Director



Lv 23: Superhero



Lv 23: Superhero



Lv 24: Supreme Being



Lv 24: Supreme Being



Lv 11: Detective



Lv 22: Superhuman



Lv 20: Director



Lv 15: Special Agent



Lv 16: Secret Agent

Congratulations to @343GuiltySpark who takes home their inaugural 1st place finish and is our Most Valuable Contributor for April. @Jupiter  has fallen out of the top 3 for the first time in 2018 made way for @cf4  in 2nd and @Yastiandrie in 3rd - Both of whom are members of our 2018 Brains Trust.

Shout out to @343GuiltySpark@mazinoz@Ozmoz and @ProfessorPhone all have made it into the Top 10 as non Brains Trust members.

Well done to all!

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Level 21: Augmented

Congratulations guys Smiley Happy

Level 23: Superhero

Well done everyone! Wow, everyone’s striving to help out including some fresh faces!

Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

topped @Jupiter. Thats all i care about Smiley Very Happy


and @343GuiltySpark cheats. Keeps asking me for help Smiley Tongue

Level 23: Superhero
Level 23: Superhero
Well it is convenient @Yastiandrie being so close and a living encyclopedia :-P
Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Started a new job, so haven't been able to be on as much lately. A bit surprised that I stayed as high as #5.

Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

Same Jupiter. Considering I just come and go more now I am always surprised to be in the middle of the pack even. 

Level 23: Superhero

Must be the year for starting a new job asit’s the same this way. It’s great to see others taking the rein’s.