Community Recognition - April 2020

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Hi there CrowdSupport, and welcome to May! I want to start this month’s Community Recognition by thanking you all for your continued participation and contribution to the community. COVID-19 has made this a challenging time for us all, but despite everything, we’ve continued to see so much positive, helpful interaction between our members - so thank you!


We’ve also welcomed more than 25,000 new members in the last six weeks – so if you’re new to CrowdSupport, it’s great to have you! We hope that all our members are keeping safe and well, and that you’re finding the support you need from Telstra.


Have you started using the My Telstra app yet? There’s so much you can do with the app, like access tech support, check and query your bill, and track orders and outages. Download the app from Google Play or the App Store – or if you’re still using the Telstra 24x7 App, simply check your app store for an update. Find out more about My Telstra.


Don’t forget about our Active Scams page, which we continue to keep updated with the latest information from our Cyber Security team. Scams are always changing though, so if you’ve received something suspicious but don't see it listed, stay vigilant and find out more about scams and how to report them to us.

Have you checked out the newest devices from Apple yet? We recently announced the launch of:

iPhone SE - with a stunning all-glass design, camera with advanced algorithms for amazing photos, and the fastest chip in a smartphone (the same as iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro).


iPad Pro 12.9 (Gen 4) & iPad Pro 11 (Gen 2) - just 5.9mm thin for ultra-portability, and with powerful performance and a pro camera setup.



CrowdSupport Article of the Month


We recently introduced you to the My Telstra app - the new way to manage your Telstra account and services with ease. Find out more about some of the features the app has to offer – like the new look home page. Read the full article >



Check out the Top MVC’s (Most Valuable Contributors) from April:






Level 25: The Singularity



Level 24: Supreme Being



Level 18: Intelligence Chief



Level 22: Superhuman



Level 19: Deputy Director



Level 23: Superhero



Level 20: Director



Level 24: Supreme Being



Level 5: Eagle Eye



Level 24: Supreme Being


We’ve had a bit of a leader board shuffle this month, but @Jupiter has still managed to hold on to first place! Congratulations @Jupiter - your level of contribution is always outstanding, but has been even more so over the last month. That top spot is well deserved. Well done to @cf4 too, who is securely holding onto second place! 


Welcome also to @Palpatine and @Unlim8ed, who have joined the leader board this month!


Thank you to all our contributors for another great month on the community. Until next month - take care Smiley Happy

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