Community Recognition - April 2021

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Community Manager

Hello Crowd Support community! May is here which means it’s time to

take a look at what’s happened in the community over April.


Community news

We would like to acknowledge the incredible work our community manager

@ashliem has done looking after the community over the last few years!

Goodluck in your new role Ashlie.


My Telstra App Updates

In our most recent April update for the My Telstra App we have added several new features including a speed check feature to test how fast your internet is.

Be sure to read all about the latest additions and updates to the app.

Find out more about the My Telstra App>


Top MVC's (Most Valuable Contributors) for April


Username                    Rank

1. @Jupiter                   Level 25 The Singularity

2. @Dowser                 Level 20: Director

3. @SteveW_52           Level 22: Superhuman

4. @cf4                         Level 25: The Singularity

5. @Ozmoz                  Level 22: Superhuman

6. @Mkrtich                  Level 21: Augmented

7. @ProfessorPhone    Level 23: Superhero

8. @Rohan123             Level 19: Deputy Director


Top spot was taken out by @Jupiter for the month of April, Congratulations Jupiter!

Special mention to @Dowser who has climbed through the ranks to take out

second position, rounding out the top 3 is @SteveW_52, well done for all the amazing

efforts assisting the community.


A massive thank you goes to all our contributors for helping and supporting the

Crowd Support community Smiley Happy

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