Community Recognition - January 2021

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Welcome to 2021, CrowdSupport community! It’s hard to believe the first month of the new year is already behind us – but that means it’s time for the first Community Recognition for 2021.


Community News

We’re very excited to have recently announced our new Brains Trust group for 2021. We’ve handpicked the most influential, helpful and active CrowdSupport contributors from 2020 to join the group, all of who have earned their place with their outstanding contributions.
Find out more about the Brains Trust >


If you’re new to the community, take a look at CrowdSupport 2020 – The Year in Review to check out some of our highlights from the past year. It was a busy year on CrowdSupport, and we’re looking forward to seeing what 2021 brings!



My Telstra Updates

Each month, our teams review customer feedback and work on enhancing and improving My Telstra. Be sure to read all about the latest additions and updates to the app this month.


Find out more about the My Telstra app >

CrowdSupport Article of the Month


Introducing Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Experience the best of your world and the world around you. Galaxy Buds Pro deliver immersive sound with intelligent Active Noise Cancelling, so you can effortlessly control what you want to hear.  
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Top MVC’s (Most Valuable Contributors) from January:






Level 25: The Singularity



Level 24: Supreme Being



Level 21: Augmented



Level 23: Superhero



Level 21: Augmented



Level 23: Superhero



Level 22: Superhuman



Level 8: Inspector



Congratulations to @Jupiter who has started the year in first place, and to @cf4 and @SteveW_52 for rounding out the first Top 3 of 2021.


Thank you to all our contributors for a great January – we’re looking forward to another great year on community!


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Level 23: Superhero

It's of note that the  December figures have not been published.

Level 1: Cadet

Perhaps if Telstra did something remarkable and FIXED their totally useless customer service department and made an App that actually works as intended, all these Brains Trust people would NOT be needed.

Level 23: Superhero

In response to your post....I advise that this contributor is not one of the brains trust,  despite over 4600 posts of assistance over many years.  

Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

@ProfessorPhone I think they were referring to the article itself, not your comment on it. 

Level 23: Superhero

Thanks Jupiter,  that's another way of interpreting it.

Level 1: Cadet

"I think they were referring to the article itself, not your comment on it "

Precisely Jupiter,

This Telstra "social feel good" Crowd support is nothing more than a pitiful excuse for their hopeless customer support plan.

So help me, I have never in my entire life come across a company that has near ZERO customer support and accountability for their lack of action on so many fronts. The senior management of Telstra must live in a rarified atmosphere that precludes them from ANY responsibility for customer support and enraged customer contact. They prefer to farm the rage out to underlings who wear the brunt and isolate themselves from any real knowledge of the palpable frustration that exists amongst a vast majority of the Telstra customer base. The ONLY driving force they enact is to supply a fundamentally hopeless App that fails on so many details as to its' effectiveness and employ overseas call centre staff that are so limited in their ability to rectify any problem that they only create customer rage.