Community Recognition - November 2020

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Hi there CrowdSupport! It’s hard to believe it, but it’s time to officially welcome in December. For those lucky enough to be having a break from work or studies over Christmas, there’s just a few more weeks to go!


In the meantime, here's a quick look back at some of the exciting devices we introduced you to throughout November:


iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max: Blast past fast. 5G speed. A14 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone. An edge-to-edge OLED display. And Night mode on every camera.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7: Your new window to the world. With a slim design, a vibrant entertainment system, and amazing performance, the new Galaxy Tab A7 is a stylish new companion for your life.       


Moto G 5G Plus: Believe the hype. 5G speed is unbelievably fast, and Moto G 5G Plus is bringing it to everyone. Capture every moment with a 48 MP quad camera system, including dual front cameras with an ultra-wide option to fit 4x more in the shot. Then enjoy your photos, movies, and more on a huge CinemaVision display with an ultra-wide view.



CrowdSupport Article of the Month


Bought a new Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S? We shared a guide to take you through how to set-up your new Xbox console, and how to activate your Games Pass Ultimate subscription.
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Check out the Top MVC’s (Most Valuable Contributors) from November:






Level 25: The Singularity



Level 21: Augmented



Level 24: Supreme Being



Level 23: Superhero



Level 21: Augmented



Level 23: Superhero



Level 22: Superhuman



Congratulations to @Jupiter who has reclaimed the top spot this month! Well done also to @SteveW_52 and @cf4 who have both held onto places in the top three. I wonder who we’ll see at the top of the leader board for the final month of 2020?


Thank you, as always, to all our contributors for another great month Smiley Happy


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Level 21: Augmented

Always good to get unexpected recognition for just trying to help out. It's appreciated even though it's not the reason I do what I can here in Crowdsupport. My real interest is just trying to help out those who that Telstra isn't really helping them to help themselves. The new, current,  Customer Support model isn't the greatest, and many need a bit of a hand  and feel Telstra hasn't really delivered on their side of the customer contract. Anyway, I do what I can to point the a direction they can understand.


But I can feel the distress many of those customers have..  and I have discovered, while chasing some Telstra Plus bonus points that haven't materialised in my account, that even the bonus points gifted to me by the CrowdSupport moderators in November (early December really) have not shown up either..  so it isn't just customers issues that seem to fall in the many holes Telstra has in their path at present, there are internal issues as well apparently.

Level 23: Superhero
Level 23: Superhero

Hi @SteveW_52,


Have you already received 2 lot's of Telstra Plus Bonus points for your contribution's for the month's of September and October?


You won't be receiving any Telstra Plus Bonus points for your contribution's for the month of November. 



Level 21: Augmented

OK, so they don't give bonus points every month?? didn't know that. I haven't been a regular here for very long.


why/how do they decide on the bonus points? Is that written down somewhere or is it more of a 'whim' thing??


I did get the sept/oct ones and what you say explains the  situation for last month then. Just seems odd to me. Smiley Happy


Bur I am not here for the points anyway..

Level 23: Superhero

I've never heard about them nor offered them.