Connect with family and friends overseas this Lunar New Year

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**This offer has now ended**


Lunar New Year is a time of celebration shared with loved ones near and far. Connect with your family and friends overseas this Lunar New Year on the Telstra Network.


Our International Call Pack offers unlimited international calls and texts from Australia to 15 selected countries, including China, Hong Kong and Vietnam for just $10/mth, added to your existing eligible mobile plan.


If you’re travelling abroad to spend time with loved ones, make sure you’re prepared with an International Day Pass before you depart. You’ll receive unlimited talk and text to standard international numbers, as well as 200MB of data to use that day.*

*calculated from the time of activation

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Telstra

From 29 January to 5 February 2019, sign up to a $79 Mobile Lease Plan or $79 Business Lease Mobile Plan online and get:

  • Apple iPhone XR 128GB RED or Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Ocean Blue for just $9/mth extra.
    • This includes a $20 monthly credit and $1/mth device price drop – saving $21/mth.

That’s just $88/mth for the plan and device - saving $504 over the 24 month contract term!

Find out more about the iPhone XR 128GB RED offer here.

Find out more about the Samsung Galaxy note9 128GB Ocean Blue offer here.

Offers available online only. Valid from 29 January to 5 February 2019. 24 month minimum term. Minimum total cost $2,112.

Or, you can get 30GB of data for $49/mth on a BYO Mobile Plan. Plus, with unlimited calls to China and 14 other destinations, you can share more of the fun and wish good fortune to everyone this Lunar New Year!

Discover this offer here.

Offer available in store only. Minimum cost $828 over 12 months. Only for personal smartphone use in AU. FairPlay Policy applies.


Making an international call

Need help dialling an international number from Australia? Follow the format below:

0011 + Country Code + Area Code + Telephone Number

For example, to dial a number in Beijing:

0011 or + is the international prefix to dial outside of Australia.

86 is the Country Code for China. Find out more about country codes here.

10 is the Area Code for Beijing.

Followed by the phone number.

So the number you dial should look something like:
0011 86 10 1388 9920 432 or +86 10 1388 9920 432


Note: if the area code starts with 0, remove this before dialling.  
Find + on the * or 0 button, then press and hold until + appears.

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