Crowd Support Community Recognition June 2021

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Hello there Crowd Support Community! Let's take a moment to look back over

what's happened in the last month.


My Telstra App updates

Check out some of the new features we have added to the My Telstra App:


More for connected devices

You can now get an overview of your Wi-Fi’s performance. You’ll see a breakdown of how your service is running, including a performance score. We’ll also highlight any issues and provide known solutions to fix them.

Manage your spot in the queue

Joined a store’s queue in the app? You’ll now be able to manage your spot in the queue. 

If you’re running late, you can let us know and we’ll keep you in the queue. We’ll also send an SMS when we’re ready to serve you and you can let us know when you’re on your way.

Speed check

We’ve added new capabilities to the speed test feature. You can now see your modem’s speed so you’ll know if there’s an issue with your connection.

Find out more about the My Telstra App


Most Valuable contributors for June


Username                                          Rank

1.  @Dowser                                      Level 21: Augmented

2.  @Jupiter                                       Level 25: The Singularity

3.  @SteveW_52                               Level 22: Superhuman

4.  @cf4                                             Level 25: The Singularity

5.  @Ozmoz                                       Level 22: Superhuman

6. @Smiley3                                       Level 23: Superhero

7. @ProfessorPhone                        Level 23: Superhero

8. @Rohan123                                  Level 19: Deputy Director


Congratulations to all of our Crowd Support contributors, special mention to @Dowser for taking top spot with @Jupiter and @SteveW_52 rounding out the top three most valuable contributors for June!


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