Crowd Support Community Recognition September 2021

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Hello Crowd Support community! It's time to take a look back over what's happened in the last few months.


My Telstra App updates:


Help from the past

You can now see a 30-day snapshot of all the speed tests you run in the app to help give better visibility of your Wi-Fi network and its performance.   

Tracking results over a longer period can pick up an anomaly that may not be seen with one speed test. Our troubleshooting guides and tips can then help you resolve the issue.


Pre-Paid updates 
Have a Pre-Paid device with us? Now you can view and modify your Message Bank and Caller ID settings when you want via the “Services” tab.

Shop by brand
Are you an Apple fan? Or, a Samsung fan? Well, now you can filter our shop catalogue search by brand and not waste time searching through other results. 

You can now also sort and filter by device, and price, to further tailor the results to what you're looking for. 


Find out what else is new in the My Telstra App


Most Valuable Contributors July/August/September:


Username                                               Rank

1 @Jupiter                                               Level 25: The Singularity
2 @SteveW_52                                       Level 22: Superhuman
3 @Dowser                                             Level 21: Augmented
4 @cf4                                                     Level 25: The Singularity
5 @Mkrtich                                              Level 21: Augmented
6 @ProfessorPhone                               Level 23: Superhero
7 @Ozmoz                                             Level 22: Superhuman
8 @iUseYahoo                                       Level 3: Gumshoe


A massive thank you to our most valuable contributors, congratulations to Jupiter for taking back top spot and SteveW_52 and Dowser for rounding out the top 3!

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Level 3: Gumshoe

pretty cool to see myself on that

Support Team
Support Team

Well done iUseYahoo!  🙂

Level 3: Gumshoe