Delay in Delivery of Hardware

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Due to an issue with our logistics company, delivery of hardware to our customers is currently delayed.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


We’re working to get our delivery processes back up and running as soon as possible.

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Understanding that issues happen, but there should be alternative way to pick the HW from Telsra store, where the stock is available,

The order cannot even be cancelled



I can't get any estimate on delivery times (customer service could not say if it would be a matter of days or weeks) and I can't cancel my order because it has 'progressed too far'. This is very unsatisfactory and misleading given this information was not communicated to me at the time of order. 

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I understand issues arise. But a logistics issue is a very broad description for a delay. It could be anywhere from sourcing a new transport company, glitch in transport software to supply issues with your hardware supplier.  Is there any specificities in regards to what the logistics issue is? Either of these issues could range from a day to weeks

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Just got of the phone.  they are blaming the Corona Virus for the delay.


No time-frame available on delivery status

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Right then...obviously they should do the right thing and refund the money. Comes off like a HughDick thing to do. 

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Just got notified that my billing period starts tomorrow, including device repayment, yet I don't have the device and have no idea when it will arrive. Very poor form to be charging customers for something which can't be provided.


This is the response I got today - in relation to an iPhone order 


There was a suspected cyber security incident in which we don't want you to be affected. It is a cyberattack that has forced it to shut down online systems and manually process parcels. In response, we detached our systems but as a result of the IT shut down, tolls are unable to access the systems required to complete dispatch of hardware across our various channels.

We are very sorry for the wait but rest assured that the item has been allocated to you, we are just waiting for the confirmation to release the dispatched item from the warehouse which we expect to resume next week.


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How much longer is this "Toll" delivery problem going to be does anyone have any idea?

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I have been getting mixed messages from Telstra every time I contact them about my device delivery. Initially they said it was on the way and I would get a notification within the next 24 hrs., when that didn't happen and I contacted them again they said the same line of "your order is ready at the warehouse, we're waiting for the courier to pick it up, you'll receive a notification soon"

When this still didn't progress I contacted them once again today, one agent told me the same line of "it'll be on it's way to you soon" the other said there were delays and some orders dating back to beginning of Jan still hadn't been sent.


It would be nice to at least get a straight answer on where the hell my order is.

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I don't like companies that are dishonest. Telstra need to give an honest answer about the problem no matter how humiliating.