Dual SIM and 5G on iPhone 12 family

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Update May 2021: Due to the recent iOS 14.5 update, customers are able to use 5G whilst they have dual sim enabled. Customers are no longer required to move between each SIM to enable 5G.


Due to a limitation across the iPhone 12 family, you won't be able to use 5G if you have Dual SIM enabled. This issue isn't unique to Telstra. To access 5G, you'll need to disable your secondary mobile service.

Does 5G work with Dual SIM?

When using two lines in Dual SIM mode, 5G data isn’t supported on either line and will fall back to 4G LTE. If you are using eSIM or physical SIM only and are on a 5G-supported carrier and service plan, you’ll have 5G access.


How do I enable 5G on the device with Dual SIM?

  • 5G will not be available when the device has Dual SIM enabled.

  • To access 5G, the secondary mobile service will need to be disabled, leaving the 5G-capable mobile service the only service turned on.

  • To temporarily disable your secondary mobile service:
    • Go to 'Settings' > 'Mobile'
    • Tap your physical SIM or eSIM service under 'Mobile Plans', depending on which you want to temporarily disable
    • Tap the toggle to off on 'Turn on this line' on the subsequent menu.


You can find out more on Apple Support.

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The same applies for the Pixel 5  Smiley Happy

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