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Introducing the new streamlined look of your My Telstra login page.


We’ve made these changes to the look and feel of My Telstra to give you an even better experience. Some of these changes include:


  • A new look My Telstra login page, so you can find what you’re looking for faster and easier.
  • A redesigned area for new customers to easily access registration.


The change to your My Telstra login experience is a preliminary step as Telstra prepares to provide you with an enhanced authentication experience.


This is part of a Telstra-wide initiative which will be deployed across all applications over the coming months. This will help to improve your experience, so every time you access a Telstra application you will be welcomed with the same login page.



Here’s a glimpse of the new login page!





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Just Registered

I just want to check emails.


Stop changing things, it doesn't help at all.

Support Team
Support Team

Hey @n42james

These changes are intended to make our website easier and more smooth to use. I am sorry for any inconvenience with these changes.


If there is anything specific you cannot locate, please let us know and we can help you work through adjusting to the new website.



Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

@n42james webmail's not changing. It's still



Just Registered

I just want to log in STOP changing it’s a web access for email I don’t need a freaking avatar I need my emails!

Support Team
Support Team

Hi Pill,

If you'd prefer to access your emails directly you could try accessing them through a third party program such as outlook. More on how to do that here

If you want more guided advice you can chat to the tech team on the following secure chat link

Get back to me if you need further assistance.



Level 1: Cadet

I would like confirmation that the password I used with this application was the correct one.Regards, jivin.


Support Team
Support Team

Hi jivin66,

Happy to help where I can. 

In most cases it will be immediately known when the wrong password is used as the log-in will fail. 

You'll find support & advice online here

Let me know if I can help further.



I just want to check my emails. Why keep changing things. Have not been able to find webmail 

Support Team
Support Team

Hi tamenorman1,


We're always making improvements on how we do things, we do appreciate that they won't always appeal to everyone, I'm sorry that's the case in your example. 


As the Telstra ID looks after your whole account email is only one part of it, if you chose to access your emails through a third party as I mentioned above that means being able to link straight in.


Just Registered

No it wasn't helpful. Stop changing things. I just want to sign in easily. This isn't easy.