How do I request a credit from a service disruption or outage?

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You’re eligible for a credit to your account if you’ve been impacted by a service disruption or outage affecting your services. Simply:


  1. Sign in to Telstra 24x7 My Account using your Telstra ID and password. If you don’t have a Telstra ID, register for one here.

  2. If you have more than one account, you’ll need to select the relevant account from the blue bar at the top of the screen

  3. Select View bill history


  1. Tap or click the online form link under the bold heading 'Got a query regarding your bill?'


  1. Via the web form, enter your details, select the credit request type and the service your dispute relates to, either:
    - Late payment fee waiver
    - Service disruption or outages

  1. Tap or click Next

  2. You’ll then be asked to confirm your mobile number or email address so that we can notify you if your credit request is successful. If your request is approved, credits will be applied to your account within two business days.

  3. If you’re not eligible for a credit rebate, you’ll be advised accordingly. If you feel your request is still unresolved, you may wish to chat with a live chat agent for further assistance.

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I have been charged $600 for foxtel equipment which have been returned over a month ago. I need to have this amount taken off my bill. 

Just Registered

Request for credit 3 months that was promised by telstra customer support team as well as branch manager from telstra for faulty hand set and service with telstra..

This has now gone on for over 5 months.. 

Please wave all chargers as this is now getting to be ridiculous. 


We all understand and can sympathise with all that is going on through out the world . Lose is jobs and lose of wages but I am also stuck with a reduced income . I was promised credit and I am yet to see it..