How do I set up parental controls at home?

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Parental controls are an easy and effective way to help keep your children safe when they’re online.


Follow the steps below to set up Parental Controls for the entire household while they’re online at home.


To set up your Parental Controls:


  1. Make sure your device is connected to your home broadband network
  2. Sign into your My Account page
  3. From the services menu select your internet service
  4. Now scroll to Add-ons and find Telstra Broadband Protect
  5. Select Manage
  6. Under ‘Family Safety’ you’ll see whether Parental Controls are ’ON’ or ‘OFF’. If you haven’t already set them up, select Set up.
  7. Select a Content Control Level.
    • Choose from Low, Medium or High content controls to help make sure you’re comfortable with the sites your family can see online in the home. Select Next


  8. Set up Access Time Restrictions, then select Next
    1. You can block all internet access at selected times
    2. You can also set up Homework Time, which only blocks known social networks and gaming websites, but allows your kids access to the internet for study.



  1. Confirm and apply your changes by selecting Confirm

Want to personalise your Parental Controls?

  • Go to ‘Family Safety’ to modify your selections and choose specific content and types of sites to block


  • Choose the feature you want to modify, select View/Change, and follow the prompts. For example, you can set up to 50 websites that are either always allowed (whitelist), or always blocked (blacklist).


  • If Parental Controls identifies attempted access to a site which should be blocked, or when Access Time Restrictions are set, a Block Page message will display on the device.
  • You can by-pass a blocked page using your My Account login to gain one-time access.

Want to be notified when someone requests access?

When your family requests access to a blocked site, you can choose to be notified via email or SMS:



Can I access my Parental Controls on the My Telstra pp?

Yes. You’ll find the Telstra Broadband Protect dashboard under ‘Add ons’. You can use the My Telstra App to:

  • switch Parental Controls on and off
  • choose your preferred content control levels
  • add or remove sites from your Allowed and Blocked websites lists.



We also offer Telstra Mobile Protect, which is designed to help protect your children when they’re using their mobile devices, and lets you restrict usage on their pre-paid and post-paid mobiles and tablets. Find out more here.

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The Add-ons feature no longer allows any changes to alter our settings.   Anyone know how to change our settings for time limits now?


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Doesnt even work this is a joke


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I have previously set up broadband protect, and it worked for a while.  This month it's decided to stop working altogether so no sites are blocked like they are supposed to be, and the internet doesn't switch off for 8 hours like it's meant to.  Would really like to know what and what's going on!  When I call or message telstra, I get people who don't know what to do.

Support Team
Support Team

I know parental controls & homework time doesn't work if there's a disruption & the modem is using the Telstra Mobile Network. I'm not sure why it would have changed though @melly26 but you can manage Broadband Protect through My Account as per the instructions here. If you need further assistance afterwards, please chat to us through the My Telstra app. To do the latter, open the Telstra app then tap the 'get help' tab at the bottom of the screen & you will see the blue speech bubble to 'Message Us'. While you will first speak with our virtual assistant Codi, follow the prompts & if they're unable to fix, they will put you through to a team member that can assist further if you type 'more help' or ask for a 'consultant'. Make sure notifications are on within the Telstra app too, this way you can go about your day & reply further there when you get a response.

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Thanks @ShannonD for taking the time to respond.  I went to the interactions above where it says 'here', and what was handy was the tab you could press on at the bottom that said 'what if I'm having trouble with broadband protect'.  That took me to a page that had ideas about what to try to get things working.  I'm up to the one about turning off parental controls for 24 hours, and then turning back on.  We'll see how that goes.  But I just wanted to thank you for leading me in this direction!  I finally have some hope of fixing it.😊

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Just a last note to say turning off parental controls for a few days, and then back on fixed all the issues I was glad I commented here to find the solution. 😊  Thanks again @ShannonD 

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I only get the low medium high content options.  No time options come up