How do I switch my mobile service to Telstra?

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There are several ways you can transfer your mobile service to Telstra:

  1. Visit our online shop to view our plans, or purchase and activate a Pre-Paid SIM Kit.

    • We’ll ask you to provide your personal information to complete your transfer.

    • If we have any ID issues, we’ll call you on the number you gave us. We’ll also send you a text to let you know when the transfer is complete so you can start using your service.

  2. Visit your nearest Telstra store.

  3. Call 132200 and say ‘Mobile Sales’ to talk to a Telstra representative.

Good to know: You need to be the account holder to transfer a mobile service from one provider to another.

Can I keep my mobile number?

Yes - you can keep your existing mobile number, regardless of whether you take up a monthly plan or a Pre-Paid plan.

Will I incur an early termination charge?

When you move your mobile number to Telstra, the current provider you’re switching from will cancel your mobile service with them. Once your current provider does this, you may have to pay them an early termination charge when you transfer to Telstra.

You may also have to pay any remaining device or accessory payments you have outstanding with that provider. It’s a good idea to check with them before placing the order.

Will I get a new SIM card?

Yes - when you switch your mobile service over to Telstra we’ll give you a new SIM card, which may need to be activated. It will have the same service number if you requested to transfer your current number.

What information do I need to transfer my mobile service to Telstra?

  1. Your account number for your existing service: if your service is on a plan, look on your most recent bill. If you’re heading to a Telstra shop, bring your most recent bill with you.

  2. Your name and address details

  3. Your date of birth

  4. The mobile number you want to transfer to Telstra

  5. An alternative contact method (e.g. a different contact number or email address) where you can be reached during the transfer

  6. 100 points of ID.

Good to know: Make sure the details you provide match your details with your previous provider. Incorrect or mismatching details may delay the transfer.

For security, we’ll send a 6-digit code to the mobile number you’re trying to transfer to verify it’s really you. You must enter this code at the link we provide in the text message, so we can complete the transfer. Find out more.

If we have any issues with your request, we’ll send you a text message with your order number, and ask you to reply.

Why did I get an SMS about my date of birth or account number?

Either the account number or date of birth you gave didn’t match those with your existing provider. This has delayed your transfer to Telstra. To finish transferring to us, you’ll need to:

  1. Contact your current provider to confirm the date of birth or account number they have

  2. Respond to our text message and provide the updated details.

Once that’s done, we’ll send you a confirmation that your Telstra transfer is back under way.

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