Information on AFL and NRL Live Passes for Season 2021

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*The promotional offers in this thread have now ended* 

We’re retiring Telstra Live Pass from the AFL Live and NRL Official Apps, which means you’ll no longer be able to live stream games from the 2021 season onwards. You’ll still have free access to match replays, live scores, highlights and other great features on the apps. 


Telstra will expand its sports streaming offering for customers through a long-term partnership with Kayo Sports, Australia’s premier sports streaming service.


Kayo will deliver sports fans a world-class experience including AFL and NRL games, of every round, live and ad-break free along with the biggest and best range of live and on-demand sport from Australia and around the world, streaming not just on their mobile but on any big or small screen in the house.

Eligible Telstra customers can claim a game-changing deal on Kayo and watch over 50 sports live and on demand. *this promotion has ended*


What if I have previously purchased an AFL and/or NRL Live Pass?

If you’ve purchased an annual or monthly AFL and/or NRL Live Pass through your App Store (Apple or Google) which is still active on 2 February 2021, you’ll be refunded for the time you have remaining on it.

This refund will be processed by your App Store (Apple or Google) directly back to your chosen payment method. This refund may take up to 45 days to be processed.

Information on the refunds from App Stores can be accessed at the links below.

Apple:  https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039

Google:  https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2476088?hl=en&visit_id=637471469803887809-3245438225&rd...

You won’t receive a refund if you’ve purchased a weekly AFL or NRL Live Pass which is still active on 2 February 2021, but you’ll continue to enjoy access to premium content in the app until your weekly subscription expires.


*This promotion has ended*
A special Kayo offer for customers who have recently paid for an AFL and/or NRL Live Pass who are not Telstra customers

Continue streaming live games in 2021 with Kayo Basic for $15 per month for 12 months. Offer available until 31 May 2021. You’ll roll onto standard fees ($25 per month) after 12 months. 

With Kayo Basic, you can:

  • Stream every game of every round of the 2021 Toyota AFL Premiership and 2021 NRL Telstra Premiership seasons live and on demand.
  • Get access to more than 50 sports live and on demand.
  • Watch on your TV, tablet or mobile. Available in HD.

Terms and conditions:

Offer available to eligible customers who have previously purchased a Telstra AFL or NRL Live Pass during the 2020 season and are not Telstra customers. Eligible Customers must sign up through kayosports.com.au with the offer code supplied by Telstra: check eligibility using the link below. Offer available until 31 May 2021. Kayo Basic standard monthly fees apply after offer period unless you change or cancel. Not available in conjunction with any other Kayo Offers. Limit 1 redemption per account. If you cancel, you cannot restart the offer. Not compatible with third party billing platforms.






I am currently a Live Pass subscriber. Do I need to do anything to cancel my subscription?  

Telstra AFL and NRL Live Pass won’t be available for renewal for the 2021 season. You don’t need to do anything to cancel your AFL or NRL Live Pass subscriptions. 2020 Live Passes automatically expired on 31 January 2021.   


To continue using the AFL Live App and the NRL Official App for other features, you’ll need to update the apps in your respective app stores. 


If I am entitled to a refund, how much will I receive?

If you have purchased an annual or monthly AFL and/or NRL Live Pass through your App Store (Apple or Google) and it’s still active on 2 February 2021, you’ll be refunded for the time you have remaining.

For example, if your Live Pass expires on 2 April 2021, you will be refunded for 2 months:

  • $99.99 annual cost / 12 months = $8.33 per month
  • $8.33 x 2 months remaining = $16.67


If I am a Telstra customer who has redeemed a free Live Pass for the 2020 AFL and/or NRL season am I entitled to a refund?

No. You are only entitled to a refund if you have purchased an annual AFL and/or NRL Live Pass through your App Store (Apple or Google) which is active on 2 February 2021.

Eligible Telstra customers who have previously redeemed a free Live Pass can get an exclusive Kayo offer. 


Are there any changes to the My Football Live App or Netball Live Official app? 

No. Live streaming functions are currently still available through the My Football Live App and Netball Live Official app. 

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Well.dpnt need telstra anymore. Thisnwas the only reason I stayed

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You’re an absolute disgrace Telstra selling your customers to a sports channel, well, not me. Bye!

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As usual at this time of year Telstra manage to pissoff as many customers as possible, again you have succeeded beyond expectations, at least you are consistent. Tried to take up the $5 Kayo sub. and of course get the fin run around with links that don’t work, waste of time trying it seems, again.

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Like others here I joined Telstra mobile so I can stream NRL games live on my phone. This is enough for me to start approaching other carriers. Unless Telstra reconsiders their position on this I may reconsider supporting Telstra any further into the future 

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What a disgrace and rip off, going from $100 a year for AFL live pass to having to pay minimum $160 for Kayo when you have no interest in other sports. Where, why and how do you think pensioners, unemployed etc can afford Kayo? Do you think treating AFL supporters so badly is the way to go in the world we are in with limited crowds? Also what a disgrace that people have to wait up to 45 days to get a refund, how disgraceful is that, you get the payment automatically but selfishly you expect customers to wait 45 days to get their money back, do you really think that is looking after the people who make the sport, the supporters happy? You should be able to nominate the sport you want on Kayo and then only pay for that sport. For instance if you only want AFL the the cost is $100 for the year, no access to any other sport! How about start thinking of the supporters who make the AFL and the clubs instead of just making profits so you can pay the over priced salaries for the muppets who run the AFL and who are ruining the game with continual rule changes and dumb, stupid and biased MRC decisions. Just another dumb decision to hurt the supporters who make the game, you should be  ashamed of yourselves

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WHY, how silly of me it's all about greed. 

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Hi my problem is I have Foxtel sports and watch NRL so what happens when I go away camping and wish to watch the game I can watch FOX GO and I can’t afford the data cost.Back 2020 and for years before that I was able to pay a monthly fee for 2mths and cancel on my return,is this possible I have not read anything about that,I do not not need 2 sports streams when I come home.Also is KAYO through Telstra still going to be data free.Hope I can get some clarity but at the moment it’s pretty mirky 

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I can see it now ,a bunch of useless Telstra senior managers sitting around a table trying to justify their jobs and coming up with this idea.

There are thousands of people who signed up with a Telstra mobile plan to get access to live Nrl & afl games.Another big mistake from Telstra.


The whole reason I renewed my mobile contract with Telstra was for the footy coverage...now defunct - I’m not interested in all the other sports on Kayo regardless of how much Telstra ‘bigs it up’, so refuse to pay for them. Back to Foxtel and rethink my mobile provider. What BS Telstra!

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How do or will I know if I am eligible for this?


"Telstra is offering an exclusive offer for customers who have previously used the NRL and AFL Live Passes. Eligible customers will now receive a special offer from Telstra of $20/month off Kayo’s Basic subscription (usually $25/month) for 12 months providing them with Kayo for just $5/month for 12 months". 


Will Kayo give me live AFL on my old android phone much as last year and before? LG G4 Android 6.0

Thanks, Peter