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If you see something on your bill that you don’t understand, or don’t see something you were expecting, you can query your bill online in My Account or the My Telstra App. That functionality has been around for a little while, but now it’s even easier to get to the bottom of any bill-confusion.


Up until recently all query your bill requests meant that your request would be sent off, we’d investigate in, and then get back to you with a result. Now with our new bill explainer, in some cases, you won’t need to wait at all!


If this is your first or second bill, you’ve changed your plan, or you’ve added a new service, the Query a bill feature will direct you to the bill explainer to break down the new or different charges that could be confusing things.





If that clears everything up, great! If not though you can continue with your request, and we’ll look into it for you as per usual


Our bill explainer is another way we’re making managing your bills as easy and time efficient as possible, and it’s ready to use now.

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So effectively it's just another way of reducing any possible contact between your clients and any actual staff you have left?