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We’re excited to officially announce the launch of the My Telstra app – the new, easier way to manage your Telstra account and services, find information and support, shop and redeem Telstra Plus points.

My Telstra adds more convenience and self-service than ever before, and at a time when we’re all relying on connectivity, it’s our number-one priority to serve you quickly and easily via our digital channels.

You can manage your services and payments, get help, check for outages, track orders and so much more – all while you’re at home (or on-the-go).

What’s the difference between the Telstra 24x7 App and My Telstra?

My Telstra does all things you love from the Telstra 24x7 app and so much more, all in an easier to use, sleeker and more intuitive way. We’ve designed the app to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your services - think of it as your hub for Telstra.


The new Home screen shows you a handy snapshot of your services, rewards and important updates. You’ll also be able to shop the latest devices, tech and accessories, and access your Telstra Plus benefits. In the Notifications Centre, you can easily locate your billing and order update messages securely in one secure place.


Something not quite right about your services? My Telstra can help by performing smart troubleshooting, and by providing handy guides. You can also stay updated with planned outages and order tracking, so you remain informed about the things that matter to you.

What are some of the other things I can do with My Telstra?

Access Tech Support
My Telstra is packed with troubleshooting guides ranging from issues with your devices or nbn connection.

Billing Enquiries
The My Telstra app is designed to help you solve billing issues without having to jump on the phone. You can query a charge on your Telstra bill, request a payment extension, recharge your Pre-Paid service and manage your payment options (including setting up Direct Debit).

Track Outages, Faults and Orders
You can access information on outages currently in your area and those scheduled to occur via routine maintenance. You’ll also find out when the outage will end, see updates throughout, and be able to report faults on your line via the app.

Staying up to date with orders and NBN appointments is easy in our app too - you’ll be able to track orders, activate a SIM card and access guides to help you get connected.

How do I get the My Telstra app?

We’ve been progressively upgrading existing Telstra 24x7 users to the My Telstra app and will continue to do this over the coming weeks.


  1. For existing Telstra 24x7 users who have auto updates enabled; you don’t need to do a thing. The My Telstra app will automatically replace the Telstra 24x7 app.

  2. For existing Telstra 24x7 users who don’t have auto updates enabled; simply visit Google Play or the App store, search for the My Telstra app, and tap update.

  3. New users will be able to download the My Telstra app in Google Play and the App Store.

Until you get the My Telstra app, your Telstra 24x7 app will continue to work as normal.


My Telstra will only improve with continued releases, additional functionality and extended services added as we keep working to improve the app, learning from releases and listening to customers.


Find out more about My Telstra here.

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Level 2: Rookie

This app is useless for android get error message and nothing else. Can’t view prepaid and can’t recharge from app old app worked fine. Telstra roll back to a working version or fix this app ASAP.

Level 12: Master Detective

Searched for my Telstra in Google Play - not there, doesn't exist.

Another cockup.

Level 1: Cadet

@abthomp I can see it in Google Play today, my 24x7 app auto updated and became MyTelstra a few days ago. Unfortunately the 'Device Locator' functionality that used to be in 24x7 seems to have disappeared in MyTelstra, so it gets a big thumbs down from me.

Level 4: Private Eye

does the new ios app still show post paid data/days usage/left when NOT signed in like the 24/7 does?


while i’m at it, it’s really obvious why telstra conveniently omit vital info like what the data charges will be when the new max $100 starts 22 april 2020, or if they’re the same, so WTF is it punk? 🤪  


Now that there’s no real overseas call centre for ages, what are telstra doing in the interim to, bet they’re not employing aussies temporarily. 

Just Registered

How about some colour in this new 

app? It’s so stark white!

Level 12: Master Detective

So why refer to it as MyTelstra when it's actually just called Telstra in the App Store?

Why isn't it as functional as Telstra 24/7 was?

Seems like just another one of Telstra's changes that achieve nothing except a deterioration in service.


Why can I only have an email address in my profile that does not have Bigpond or Telstra in email address? When I try to change email I get an error message

Level 1: Cadet

Since the app changed from Telstra 24.7 to My Telstra, I cannot check on my mobile data usage/$ balance. I get the $30 prepaid vouchers every month. When I press on my mobile number under 'your services' it tries to load and says 'something went wrong. retry.  Or, it says 'service unavailable'. I always check my data usage on Telstra 24/7 I cant check. Please help!!

Just Registered

Can't access any data information anymore on my telstra or telstra plus points. App is useless. 

Level 2: Rookie

Can't access my account keeps telling me oops something went wrong. Not good enough Telstra roll back to the Telstra 24/7 app at least that worked