Introducing OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G

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Capture the colours of the world in their truest form with the revolutionary Find X3 Pro 5G.


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1 Billion Colour display

Find X3 Pro 5G’s screen supports 10-bit colour display – making colour display more accurate for a better viewing experience. The 120Hz Adaptive Refresh Rate can help maintain smoother and clearer motion display, whilst reducing battery consumption.


1 Billion colour, 50MP Dual-Primary Cameras

Photos and videos can now be captured and recorded in 10-bit colour. Colour performance in images and videos are more accurate and true-to-life with the Find X Pro’s two 50MP dual-primary cameras.


Futurist Curve Design

Design inspired by the future. The Find X3 Pro 5G’s streamlined and unique crater-shaped design

offers comfort and elegance in the palm of your hand.


60x Microlens

Explore the microscopic world and capture the tiniest details with the Find X3 Pro’s microlens.

Supports up to 60x magnification and can record in 1080p at 30fps.


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