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As many as one-in-three Australians have lost their keys in the past 12 months alone. While almost one-in-four have misplaced their mobile phone and one-in-seven has lost their wallet. To help you find your missing belongings, we’ve introduced Telstra Locator.


Telstra Locator is a new subscription-based finding service from Telstra that will help you find the things that matter most – from keys and bags to bikes, pets and even business assets like tools and vehicles.


By attaching a Telstra Locator Tag to your valuables, you’ll be able to use the Telstra Locator App to help find your possessions if they go missing. You’ll also be able to locate your compatible iOS and Android smartphones and tablets from the Telstra Locator App.


Telstra Locator uses different technologies and Telstra networks to help you find your things, securely reporting the last known location to your Telstra Locator App. Telstra Locator is currently only available online here.

How does Telstra Locator work?

Telstra Locator has different tag types that can be placed on valuables and paired with the Telstra Locator App. Each tag is designed for different things. For example, the small and lightweight Telstra Locator Bluetooth® Tag is ideal for keys and laptop bags. While the Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tag is perfect for pets, bikes and large bags.


Each tag uses different technologies and networks to help users find their things – but they all work in a similar way. When a tagged item becomes misplaced, you can use the Telstra Locator App to see the last known approximate location of your tag on a map. Depending on the type of tag, location is detected using either a new Telstra Locator Bluetooth Community or the Telstra Locator Bluetooth Community plus compatible parts of the Telstra Air Network. Find out more about the Telstra Locator Bluetooth Community here.      


The types of Telstra Locator Tags



Bluetooth Tag

40.5mm x 40.5mm x 5.2mm, weighs 8g


Small, lightweight and long-lasting with a replaceable battery which lasts up to 12 months, Telstra Locator Bluetooth Tags are designed for items such as keys, purses and bags.


These tags use Telstra’s new Bluetooth locator community to update the last known approximate location on your Telstra Locator App.



Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tag

42.7mm x 42.7mm x 18.3mm, weighs 35g


Water and shock resistant, rechargeable and with specialised mounting accessories (available for purchase separately), Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tags are designed to help keep an eye on pets, bikes and other larger and higher-value assets.


These tags use both the Bluetooth locator community and compatible Telstra Air Wi-Fi enabled gateways to update their last known approximate location, increasing the number of location updates you receive to help you find lost valuables.


What is the Telstra Locator App?

The Telstra Locator App is a simple way to locate Telstra Locator Tags, smartphones and tablets in one place. A Telstra Locator subscription includes the ability to locate up to 20 tags and devices, with expansion packs available to locate more items. Some of the app’s features include:


  • Last known approximate location: Check a tag or device’s last known approximate location on the map and navigate to this location using the map’s app on your phone.
  • History view: View the approximate location history of your tags for the past 30 days.
  • Ring your tag: If your tag is in Bluetooth range you can ring the tag from the app.
  • Mark as lost (for Telstra Locator Bluetooth Tags): If you cannot find your Telstra Locator Bluetooth Tag, you can select ‘Mark as Lost’. You will receive a notification the next time the Telstra Locator network receives an updated approximate location for the tag.
  • Zones and notifications (for Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tags): You can set up a zone and be notified when a Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tag is detected outside of that zone. For example, if your dog (with a Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tag), is detected outside your Wi-Fi zone, you can receive a notification.


What is the Telstra Locator Network?
The Telstra Locator Network uses a variety of different technologies, depending on the tag, which allow your tags to report back their approximate location when in range.


The Telstra Bluetooth Locator Community

  • Telstra mobile customers who opt-in to location permissions in the My Telstra App
  • Telstra Locator customers
  • Over 3,000 selected Telstra Air Payphones and Telstra Air Public Hotspots

Telstra Locator Bluetooth Tags connect to the Telstra Locator Bluetooth Community.

Telstra Air Wi-Fi Network

  • Over 4,000 Telstra Air Payphones and selected Telstra Air Public Hotspots
  • More than 1.4 million compatible Telstra Air home gateways

The Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tag connects to the Bluetooth locator community and compatible parts of the Telstra Air Wi-Fi Network for more frequent location updates in suburban areas.


How much does Telstra Locator cost?

Telstra Locator is $10/mth on a month-to-month basis (plus the cost of your eligible Telstra mobile service) – meaning you can cancel any time without any fees. Data charges may apply to use the Telstra Locator app.


When you subscribe to Telstra Locator for the first time, you’ll receive a free Starter Kit which includes 2x Bluetooth Tags and 1x Wi-Fi Tag.


What are zones and how do I set up zones?

Telstra Locator allows you to set-up a zone for use with Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tags or compatible devices so you can be informed when a compatible Wi-Fi tag or device is detected outside of a specified location. For example, if a pet dog wearing a Wi-Fi tag, paired with a home Wi-Fi network, leaves or runs away from the home zone, you will receive a notification when it’s detected by the Telstra Locator away from home. Zones work in different ways, depending on which tag or device is being used.  


  • Telstra Locator Bluetooth Tags: Bluetooth tags are not compatible with zones.

  • Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tags: Wi-Fi tags connect to your home or office Wi-Fi network, which can be used to create a zone. Using the Telstra Locator App, you can set up notifications that inform you when a tag is detected outside of the zone. This is especially designed for pet owners who may want to know if their dog has left home. You do not need to have a Telstra broadband service to set up a zone, but a home or office broadband plan with a Wi-Fi modem is required.

  • Compatible smartphones and tablets
    Telstra Locator can also pair smartphones and tablets added to your subscription with zones. The service can be set up to notify you when a paired smartphone or tablet enters or leaves an established zone. This requires the device to be within range of the mobile network. Zones can be defined for places customers spend time, such as home or work. This feature may help family members know each other’s whereabouts, for example when they have arrived home or left work for the day.


How many tags can I locate at a time?

The Telstra Locator Subscription allows you to locate up to 20 items, including compatible smartphones and tablets and Telstra Locator Tags.

Need to locate more? Expansion packs allow you to locate another 10 items for just $5 extra per month. You can have up to 4 expansion packs per Telstra Locator Subscription. Additional Telstra Locator Tags are available for purchase separately on our accessories store

How much data does the Telstra Locator App use?
The Telstra Locator App uses small amounts of data to update the location of items and help you find misplaced valuables. The data charges are similar to general browsing of social media, or usage of mapping services such as Google Maps. Data charges may apply depending on your mobile plan.

How loud is the tag ringing volume?
The Telstra Locator Tag ringing feature has been measured to 85db based on current testing. This is similar volume of a blender or household vacuum cleaner, making the ringing feature a helpful way to locate tags when close by. For example, if you’ve dropped your keys at the beach or wallet down the back of the couch, you can use the ringer function on the Telstra Locator App to complete your search.

What type of mobile phone do you need to use Telstra Locator?
The Telstra Locator App supports Apple iPhones and iPads running iOS 11 and above, and Android devices running Android 7 and above.

How am I charged for my Telstra Locator Subscription as a consumer customer?

Telstra Locator is charged on a month-to-month basis – meaning you can cancel any time without any fees. You’ll be charged monthly for your subscription and expansion pack(s) under the ‘Mobile’ section of your bill.

Additional tags/accessories will be charged as a once off charge under the ‘Account Charges & Credits’ section of the bill. Starter Kits and Warranty Replacements will not appear on the bill as they are free of charge.


How do I set up Telstra Locator?
Setting up Telstra Locator is easy. Once you have your Telstra Locator Tags and an active subscription, refer to the included quick start guide which will help you download the Telstra Locator App, login with your Telstra ID and get up and running. Once in the app, our on-screen instructions will guide you through the process of setting-up a profile and pairing tags and devices.

How do I sign up for Telstra Locator?
Telstra Locator subscriptions are available to purchase in store or online at You can also call us on 13 22 00 or use Telstra 24x7 Chat to order a Telstra Locator Subscription.


Am I eligible for Telstra Locator?

  • Consumer and Small Business customers with a Telstra Post-Paid mobile service are eligible
  • If your mobile service is cancelled, your Telstra Locator Subscription will also be cancelled.



  • Enterprise and Premier business customers
  • Telstra Pre-Paid mobile customers
  • Post-Paid mobile data share and tablet plan.



Privacy & Security

Can Telstra Locator customers see each other’s tags or other customers’ location?
The location of your Telstra Locator Tags, smartphones and tablets connected to your service can only be viewed by you, as well as other people you have added to your subscription by sharing your Telstra ID to join your service where you’ve chosen to share location information.

You have full control over who you select to share location information with and what they can see. Location sharing is by your Telstra ID and users can select to turn on or off the location history and notifications for their device at any time within the App from their phone.

Where can I find out more on how Telstra protects my privacy?
Telstra is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers, keeping personal information safe and ensuring the security of your data. For more details on how Telstra protects your privacy more generally, visit

How secure is Telstra Locator technology?
The privacy and security of our customers is of the highest importance. Telstra Locator Tags, App and Network have been and will be continually tested and audited by security experts. Any data stored is held in secure hosting facilities.

How will you prevent this product from misuse?
This service includes a number of features designed to protect others from the risk of misuse and has been designed in consultation with domestic violence technology experts.

These features include regular in-app notifications to smartphones and tablets that remind people they are sharing their location as part of a Telstra Locator service, with options to change their settings.

Unlike some competing products that can be purchased and used without formal identification of the end user, Telstra Locator is an add-on service to a Telstra Post-Paid Mobile service. This means Telstra is able to identify the owner of a Telstra Locator subscription.

Telstra has also developed a scanning function within the Telstra Locator App, which may assist customers who are concerned about a Telstra Locator Tag being concealed in their personal items without their knowledge. This tool will perform a scan for Telstra Locator Tags within proximity of their location, and if one is found this will be shown.


Need help with your Telstra Locator service?
If you need help with your Telstra Locator service, tag or accessory, visit for a range of content including how-to videos, help content and FAQs.

If you would prefer to speak to someone, expert technical support is available 24/7 - just call 132200 and say ‘Telstra Locator Technical Support' at the prompt.  

Find out more about Telstra’s newest location products here.


Note: Telstra Locator is now available purchase at You can also pop into our Retail Stores to purchase or give us a call on 132200 and quote 'Locator' to order one over the phone.

The Bluetooth(R) word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Telstra Corporation Limited is under license.


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Level 1: Cadet

Whilst the concept is good, for non-metro users it is barely worth considering.  
Key downsides are:

minimum zone size of 250m = not being alerted until your pet has already run onto the highway or major road, IF you’re lucky to be alerted at all due to no wifi coverage.

”Last known position” is useless as it is more correctly “last position where phone and tag were in the same place”.

Forget thinking Telstra Locator could help if someone steals your vehicle/keys/pet, as it doesn’t track the device except when it’s with your phone (so unless your phone gets stolen as well, all you’ll see is where it was stolen from).

Again, these are observations from a rural user.  Metro users probably have “Telstra Air” and other wifi options to improve the functionality.

Ideally, I’d love to see a SIM  / GPS capable device for my $10 a month.