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On 26 February 2019, BigPond Movies is changing to Telstra TV Box Office. We’ve come a long way since our days posting out DVD rentals, so it’s time to update the name to reflect the bright future we have planned for the service. We’ll still have the same huge library of movies and TV shows to rent and buy that you love, just with a new name and logo!

Telstra TV Box Office is an online movie rental and purchase service which is available on many different devices - like supported Smart TV’s, PC, Mac, iOS and Android, as well as on Telstra TV. Telstra TV is a simple streaming device which allows you to watch movies, TV, live sport and free-to-air TV from a range of different entertainment services including Telstra TV Box Office, Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now, Kayo and more.

If you have an existing BigPond Movies account, your account login credentials will remain unchanged. On 26 February, the BigPond Movies website and applications will update automatically with the new name and logo, and any credit, purchases and rentals will still be there in your account.

If you need any support with your account or the service, you can continue to get in touch with the team through the same website, social media, email address, and phone number that you use for BigPond movies, they’ll just be updated with our new name.

For a limited time, when you purchase the new Telstra TV, you’ll receive a bonus $125 Telstra TV Box Office credit! Find out more here.
Activate and redeem before 26 August 2019.


What does “buy” mean?
You can stream this title as often as you like using your Telstra TV Box Office account for as long as we have the right to make the title available to you.



Can I access Telstra TV Box Office the same way I access BigPond Movies?
Yes. There are no changes to the existing way you access BigPond Movies. All existing BigPond Movies accounts will remain the same, with the same credit and purchases/rentals unaffected.

Do I need to do anything to get Telstra TV Box Office?
No. We’ll update the existing BigPond Movies applications and website automatically on February 26 with the new name and logo.

Do I need a new account to use Telstra TV Box Office?
If you have an existing BigPond Movies account your account login credentials, purchases, and rentals will remain unchanged.

By activating Telstra TV and opening the Box Office app, we will use your existing credentials to create an account for you. No typing in your details in sign up forms!

I have existing BigPond Movies credit, can I use it for Telstra TV Box Office?
Absolutely. Your existing BigPond Movies credit, purchases and rentals will still be waiting for you in your account when we change to Telstra TV Box Office.

Do I need to change where I go to for support now?
You can continue to get in touch with the team through the same website, social media, email address, and phone number for BigPond Movies. They’ll be updated with our new name.

Am I eligible for Telstra TV Box Office?
Telstra TV Box Office is available to new and existing consumer and small business customers.

FAQ - Telstra TV Box Office Offer

How do I redeem the Telstra TV Box Office credit?
When you activate your Telstra TV3, you will be prompted to redeem your $125 Box Office credit. If you skip this step, you can always go into the Box Office app on Telstra TV to get your credit and start watching!

When does the offer expire?
You have until 26 August 2019 to redeem your Telstra TV Box Office bonus.

Can I stack the bonus offer if I buy multiple Telstra TV’s?
Absolutely. The bonus Telstra TV Box Office credit applies to each Telstra TV you purchase. The more you buy, the more fresh blockbusters or TV shows you get to watch on us! The credit will be applied to the same Box Office account you nominate during activation.

How long is the $125 credit valid for?
After redemption, you have 24 months to use your Box Office credit.

How do I find out how much credit I have remaining?
Your credit balance is visible in Settings/Account menu on the Telstra TV Box Office website or application. Also, each time you transact on Box Office the remaining credit balance will be shown on screen.

What happens after I use all my credit?
Your preferred payment method will be used for all rentals or purchases when you have no credit left on your account. This is either your Telstra Bill or credit card, and is able to be changed under your account payment settings. This credit can be used on all Telstra TV Box Office platforms- web, iOS and Android devices, Telstra TV and selected Smart TV Panels.

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I’ve looked for a PayPal payment method, which you don’t seem to have? Not a fan of using credit card or adding it to my “account”. Also pricing is not so competitive. Plus side it doesn’t count against you download limit, but those days are now also mostly gone with unlimited.

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Will the new Telstra TV Box Office be including Disney+ streaming service?

Support Team
Support Team

Hi Bluebottle. 

No word on any Disney streaming channels this time. You can keep up to date with the apps available on the Telstra TV here https://tel.st/4hyrc by selecting "See all apps and channels".

Regards -

Just Registered

Why are titles still available to buy now suddenly not playing? I purchased Thor Ragnarok previously and now I get the message this video is not playable on this player . Invalid authorisation response. It worked previously! I also just paid for a rental and got the same message?! 


Support Team
Support Team

Hi @shannassidy


For any assistance our BigPond Movies Technical Support team can be reached on 1800502502 and they will be able to look into this for you. 


Let me know how you go. 

Just Registered

I have lost the password to the box office movie and can't seem to change it?? Can someone advise me please? I have contact telstra and nexflix, both cannot assist me.

Support Team
Support Team

Hi donnarose27. 

If you need to reset your password, go here https://tel.st/j3n2t and click "Log in" in the top right. Then a log in portal will pop up and you will see the option to select "Forgotten your username or password?"

Click on the "Password" option and you will then be taken to reset your log in password. 

Let us know if you have further trouble. 

Regards - 

Just Registered

The site doesn't mind taking my money and not telling me beforehand that i won't be able to watch the movie in HD on my computer. 

Also keeps telling me i need to choose a device to replace all the time. The only device I use is my laptop. Apparently you can only replace a device once a month for some reason, meaning I cant watch the movie i just payed for. 


This site needs some work. A downloadable shortcut wouldn't go astray either. You'd think the best internet provider we have access to in Australia, that charges a ridiculous amount of money for a small amount of internet data would have the experts to design a site that is a bit more user friendly than this stupid thing. 

Level 1: Cadet

Is there anything on your roadmap to make Open Caption [OC] films available in HD?  Right now this service is unusable in my household.  Unlike the app on my android device, a category for [OC] films does not exist on the Samsung Smart TV app. With a bit of trouble I was finally able to locate [OC] films by searching for movies which I knew had [OC] after browsing with my android.  The next thing I discovered was pure horror. [OC] films are only available in SD. What the hell guys???


I want to rent a movie, I have $75 credit...do I just rent it and the credit will be seen on my bill or do i need a voucher code to use my credit. I can find no instructions