Introducing the new look My Account

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We’ve been working hard to improve the My Account experience, creating a cleaner design and simpler navigation so you can find what you’re looking for with ease. We’ve already introduced you to the new look login page, and now we’re excited to share more about the changes we’re making to My Account!


Here’s what you can expect to see in the new My Account:


  • New look My Account Dashboard with more of the information that matters at a glance.
  • One place to access and edit all your personal, account and billing details.
  • New menu to easily switch between and manage multiple accounts.
  • Improved Data Usage Meter that makes it easy to keep track of your data.
  • Easier to understand billing information.
  • More of the information Pre-Paid customers are searching for.
  • All the important Plans and Usage information presented on the Dashboard.
  • The opportunity to provide your feedback to help us improve the My Account experience.
  • Easier to discover Telstra Thanks, My Offers and Telstra Check-In.


New Look My Account






New Look My Account - Mobile Experience





We’re excited to finally showcase all the improvements we’ve made to create a My Account experience that is as simple and efficient as possible.



Which of the new My Account features is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Just Registered

This would have to be the worst app ever. The old 24/7 app kept you logged in, showed all of the information you needed to see on the first page, was easy to use and intuitive. 
This version is absolutely hopeless.  You have to sign in every time you open it and sometimes to see another phone on your account.  You have to drill down through multiple pages to see your usage and the ads are pain. 
Telstra - get rid of this app completely and give us back the 24/7 version. 

Support Team
Support Team

Hello @McHoff,


Thanks for your feedback.


There is no need to sign into the My Telstra App each time it is used, I would suggest

checking your permissions for the App in your device settings as it has likely been blocked access

 to something needed to retain the details, uninstalling and reinstalling may also help.

Your services, including usage, are displayed clearly as soon as you sign in, there is no need to scroll down

to access this info.


Android devices can also benefit from the App memory being cleared, settings>apps>My Telstra>Storage

if there is a persistent issue.



Support Team
Support Team

Hello again @JAQQ,


If you would like assistance with an issue when using the My Telstra App, please provide

some details for us to assist or escalate the issue. I have provided further details on one

of the other posts you have also commented on.


Overall customer feedback for the App has been excellent, we can now respond to

customers via message with a team member rather than just the virtual assistant,

as well as many other new features that have been well received.


It is new though, and with any new service there will be some bugs to fix, but we cannot investigate

and fix issues when all the info we have been provided is, it's crap.




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I would like to reverse direct debit. I pressed the wrong button 

Just Registered

I wish to reverse direct debit as I pressed the wrong button. 

Just Registered

My account don't know why can't access.