Introducing Voice-activated Calling with Telstra

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We’re excited to announce Voice-activated Calling, which will allow you to make voice activated calls via any Google Nest speaker or display. 


Telstra is the first mobile carrier in the world to offer outbound calling on Google Nest devices.


From 17 September 2019, you’ll be able to ‘Ask Google’ to make calls on your Google Nest device – perfect for when you’re multi-tasking, or if your Telstra mobile is out of reach.


You’ll be able to link your Telstra mobile number and sync the contacts saved in your mobile phone for calling by contact. Your personal mobile number will be presented when you make calls from your Google Nest device/s, and up to six mobile numbers can be linked to devices in your home.


Voice-activated Calling works no matter where your mobile device or SIM card are located – so the kids can call you when they get home from school. Or use it to call 000 in an emergency when you have no credit on your account.


Voice-activated Calling is available at no additional cost to eligible Telstra mobile customers. Calls will be charged as per the voice inclusions in your Telstra mobile plan. Voice-activated Calls from your home will use a small amount of data against your internet service provider.


Find out more about Voice-activated Calling.


Things you need to know

Voice-activated Calling requires a Telstra Mobile service with sufficient credit and a Google Speaker connected to a Wi-Fi network. You will need to pair your mobile with your Speaker in the Google Home App to activate the service.

Voice-activated Calling is not currently available on the Google Nest Hub Max.


Voice-activated Calling general service operation is dependant on:

  • Wi-Fi access to each Google Nest device
  • A working internet connection in the home
  • Each Google device being registered with the Google Home downloadable app on a mobile
  • Each Telstra mobile service being linked to an individual Google/Gmail Account
  • The linked mobile service/s not being suspended or barred by Telstra
  • The access & barring levels applied by the customer on the linked mobile service
  • Contact synchronisation with Google Account
  • Activation of Google Voice Match when multiple mobile services are linked


Telstra Voice-activated Calling FAQ

What do I need to get started with Telstra Voice-activated Calling?
You’ll need an active Telstra mobile plan (and smartphone), a Google Nest Smart Speaker or Smart Display connected to your Wi-Fi network and a Google/Gmail account.


Is this service exclusive to Telstra?
Yes - it is exclusive to Telstra mobile customers in Australia (Post-Paid + Pre-Paid) with a compatible mobile service.


How much does Voice-activated Calling cost?
There’s no additional cost to use this service. Calls will be charged as per voice inclusions in your Telstra mobile plan. The Wi-Fi calls from your home will use a small amount of data against your internet service provider.


Will calls be made via the mobile or Wi-Fi network?
Calls are made via your home Wi-Fi network (this doesn’t need to be a Telstra network). So even if your mobile is not in the house, you (or someone at home) will be able to make calls.


Who can I call?
Voice-activated Calling enables you to call any numbers that your mobile service can call through any Google Nest devices.


How can I make calls from a Google Smart Speaker?
To make a call using Voice-activated Calling, ask your Google Smart Speaker to “call Mum”.


TOP TIP: Synchronise your contacts on your mobile with your Google Account so you can make calls by saying names saved in your mobile.


Can I receive calls?
You won’t be able to receive calls when Voice-activated Calling launches, but new features will be introduced as we gain feedback from our customers.


What are the types of calls that you can make?
You can call:

  • Anyone by name in your mobile contacts (you have to sync these with your Google account first)
  • People or businesses by their telephone number
  • Businesses by name using voice activated Google search
  • Listen to your mobiles voicemail (call 101)
  • Contact Emergency Services (call Triple Zero).

Can I navigate Interactive Voice Response IVR systems with Telstra Voice-activated
Yes, you can navigate IVR’s by generating DTMF signalling using your voice. This may apply to a number of called destinations including to your mobile voicemail (MessageBank) service, audio conference bridges and call centres.


To generate DTMF digits with your voice simply say “Hey Google, Press 1”. All keypad digits are supported, including 0-9, *, #.


Who can make calls from my Google Smart Speaker?
If Voice Match is disabled, anyone within listening distance of the Google Smart Speaker can make calls. For someone else to use your speaker with their number, they need to be invited to the ‘household’.


How can I restrict who can make calls from my Google Smart Speaker?
For better control over who can use your Voice-activated Calling, activate Google Voice Match.


How do I activate Google Voice Match?
If you haven’t already, download the Google Home app from the App Store or Google Play onto your mobile.

  1. From the Google Home app, tap the Profile icon.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Assistant.
  4. Tap Voice Match to teach your Assistant to recognise your voice and add devices.


Which contacts does Voice-activated Calling use?
Voice-activated Calling uses your mobile device contacts synched with your Google account. Each voice matched user has access to their own contacts.


How do I sync my mobile contacts with the Google Nest speaker?
You need a Google account/Gmail account to sync the mobile contacts saved in your mobile to be able to call your contacts by name. Without syncing, you will only be able to call contacts by their phone number.


One Google account/Gmail account is required per mobile.


My contacts sync with another provider (eg. Apple iCloud, Office 365), can I still use Voice-activated Calling?
If you are an iOS user, you can turn on contact syncing in the Google Home App. This will upload your contacts to Google so that you can use them for Voice-activated Calling. Please note these contacts will not appear in your Google account at


If you are an Android user, you will need to move the contacts to your Google account.


Can I call Emergency Services 000?
Yes, you can use your voice to make Triple Zero calls. Voice match will not be applied when calling E000, therefore any household member or guest can call emergency with their voice. To make an Emergency 000 call using your Google Nest device, say “Hey Google, call Triple Zero”.


How many mobile services can be linked to Voice-activated Calling?
Up to six Telstra mobiles can be paired with the Google Nest app as per Google Voice Match requirements.


Is Voice-activated Calling incompatible with any other Telstra Products?
Yes – Voice-activated Calling is incompatible with Liberate and Mobile Protect.


I have several Google speakers in my home, do I need to pair up my mobile with each speaker?
No - you only need to pair your mobile with the Google Nest app.


Can other people at home also access the contacts saved in my mobile?
No, but they can call by number or Google search if Voice Match has been disabled. If Voice Match is disabled but Personal Results is turned on, then anyone can access contacts. It is also possible to control the Voice Match feature by individual Google Nest device. You will need to ensure that Google Voice Match hasn’t been activated or it will only allow you to make calls via voice commands.


If I have multiple mobile numbers linked to my Google Nest devices, how will the device/s know whose contact to ring?
This is achieved by registering each person’s voice with Google Voice Match. This way, only their contacts are available for their usage.


What happens if someone that is not registered with Voice Match wants to make a call on my Google Nest device?
If Google Voice Match is enabled only people registered with Voice Match will be able to make calls. Voice Match does not apply to calls to Emergency Services (E000).


How do I make sure that I keep my access to Emergency Calling from my Google Nest speaker?
Calling Triple Zero (000) from your Google Nest device requires at least one mobile service to remain linked on your Google Home app. The Emergency Calling feature will generally use the mobile service that has been linked for the longest time. This feature can change the mobile service used for access if a service is deleted. It doesn’t matter if the mobile plan has no credit or has been suspended for less than 12 months – you can still call Emergency Services.


If I have multiple mobile services linked to my Google Nest speakers can I have multiple calls active at the same time?
Yes. This is only limited by the number of Google Nest devices you have available at home. Two people sharing a linked mobile number can make simultaneous calls from two different Google Nest devices.


Does being on a call on my mobile restrict my use of Voice-activated Calling in any way?
No. Calls using Voice-activated Calling present the same calling number but can be operated completely independently of the mobile.


How do I pair my mobile with my Google Smart Speaker?
If you haven’t already, download the Google Home app from the App Store or Google Play onto your mobile.

  1. From the Google Home app, tap the Profile icon.
  2. Tap More Settings.
  3. Tap Services and then tap Voice & video calls.
  4. Tap Mobile calling and then tap on the Telstra service listed under More services.
  5. Follow the prompts to add your Telstra mobile phone number, one time PIN and postcode. Once you tap ‘Agree’, your number will be paired to your Google Smart Speaker.

How do I unlink a mobile service on the Google Home app?

  1. From the Google Home app, tap the Profile icon.
  2. Tap More Settings.
  3. Tap Services.
  4. Tap Voice & Video Calls.
  5. Tap Mobile Calling.
  6. Tap ‘Unlink’.
  7. Tap ‘OK’ to confirm.


Voice-activated Calling will now be successfully unlinked.


Can I unlink a mobile service without the Google Home app?
Yes, it possible to unlink a mobile service from Voice-activated Calling without the Google Home app or your Google account. This option is supported in case you are experiencing difficulty with the app or your Google account. To do this you need access to a mobile phone with the SIM of the mobile number you wish to unlink. Simply SMS “unlink” to 1780 and your mobile will no longer be linked.


Note: This feature will only work on the Telstra network. Linking a mobile service to Voice-activated Calling is only supported on the Google Home app.


How do I view Voice-activated Calls made on my Google Nest devices?

  1. From the Google Home app, tap the Profile icon.
  2. Tap My Activity
  3. Search “Call” in My Activity to list all your call requests


If you receive a bill from Telstra your Voice-activated Calls will listed under your mobile calling section with the location field set to ‘SmrtSpeaker’.


Can I get information to help with Setup & Configuration sent to me?
Yes, you can get app instructions sent to you via MMS if you request this by SMS on your mobile device:

Linking a mobile service: SMS “help link mobile” to 1780

Unlinking a mobile service: SMS “help unlink mobile” to 1780

Setting up Voice Match for Google Nest devices: SMS “help voice match” to 1780

Searching for outbound call records: SMS “help call records” to 1780



I can't find Voice-activated Calling
The Voice-activated Calling feature is located in the Google Home App. You are required to install and use the Google Home App to manage your Voice-activated Calling. The following troubleshooting steps can help you find Voice-activated Calling:


1. Are you in the Google Home App?
The Google Home App can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store.


2. Is your Google Home App up to date?
Ensure you are using the latest version of the Google Home App.
Voice-activated Calling requires version 2.11.112 or higher.


3. Are you in the correct location in the app?
To link and unlink your mobile service for Voice-activated Calling locate the Telstra logo in the Google Home App using:

Account > Settings (Android) or More Settings (iOS) > Services > Voice & Video Calls > Mobile Calling > Telstra


I can't call my contacts

You will need to ensure contacts are being synched with your Google (Gmail) account. We recommend that you also enable Google Voice Match to protect your private information and limit calling access from your personal mobile number

Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Confirm the Google Nest's voice matching is working by asking "OK Google, what’s my name?"


  • Voice Match is enabled and working if the Google Nest responds with your name.
  • Voice Match is either not enabled, or not working, if the Google Nest responds with "I'm sorry, I can't verify your voice".

2. If Voice Match is enabled, then ensure your contacts are correct in your Google Account.

3. If Voice Match is not working, you may need to retrain Voice Match

I can’t find my Call records

Your call records are available from your Telstra itemised bill. Voice-activated Calls will be identified as “SmrtSpeaker” within the mobile location area of your bill. Voice-activated Calling records can also be viewed and deleted within Google Assistant records on your Google account.


You can locate Google Assistant records from your Google Home App using: Account > My Activity > Search “Call”

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Level 3: Gumshoe

@carlodim That's great news for you. I tried mine at about midnight last night, still didn't work for me Smiley Sad


Not sure why I stopped getting notifications for this feed. 


I can’t see in my account any reference  to Telstra Mobile Protect. Never heard of it either. 


My internet service isn’t HFC but it’s also not with Telstra; is this an issue?


Looking forward to getting to the bottom of this. 

Support Team
Support Team

Hi @Briffolio If the FAQ's and troubleshooting are not helping I'd recommend contacting Mobile Assurance on 13 22 00 24x7 and our Faults team can assist further with this feature. 



Ok, so I rang the number 13 22 00 which you suggested. There was no option to choose which was anything like tech support so I just chose 2. They tried to tell me that “syncing your google device to your mobile” is only possible for Android. I told that person they didn’t know what they were talking about and eventually they agreed to pass me onto someone else. They tried to tell me the same thing. I told them that, firstly, they’re using the wrong terminology - from what I understand I’m linking my Telstra service to my Google account. Secondly, that I imagine it has nothing to do with the phone type, it’s simply requires a compatible phone service and the Google home app. Eventually they escalated it and, long story short, she had to enable what she said was the VOLTE service on my account. No sooner had she done that, I was able to get the verification SMS and link my Google and Telstra accounts. That’s where I’m at. I’ll now try to make a call - if it doesn’t work, I’ll be back. 


And it works. So the solution in my case to fix the message “your phone service is not eligible” was to ring 13 22 00 and have them enable VOLTE (? Might have that slightly wrong) on my account. Everything went smoothly from there. Hopefully this helps someone else get there quicker. 

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Appreciate you taking the time to confirm that it now works.



Level 1: Cadet

I just set this up. When i say ok Google, call so and so, I get the message "to get help with that you need to give me more information. You can do that in the Google home app."


Any suggestions? 

Level 1: Cadet

Is it possible to get a second/separate number to use for incoming calls on Google Home? 

Support Team
Support Team

Hi Sanjeevw.


It looks like calls through the Google Home is a bit like calling from your car bluetooth - you can make calls from any number that's connected. However as the Google Home doesn't come with it's own phone number, it cannot receive calls. It makes outgoing calls only. 

Level 1: Cadet

Hi @StaceyL1  - thanks for the response. I would disagree with you on your analogy, because I can call my mobile number (using my mobile) and my Google Home device will ring and I can answer and have a conversation with it - so my mobile is calling my mobile number. You can't do that with Bluetooth in the car.  So - my question is how can I get another number? I know you can associate multiple numbers (ie users) in the Google Home. But I don't want to get another full blown mobile plan. Thanks