Kayo, Australia’s newest sports streaming platform, now available from Telstra

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Our Kayo offers have changed.

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Kayo is Australia’s newest sports streaming platform, offering thousands of hours of non-stop sporting content from the world’s best sports broadcasters - Fox Sports, ESPN, BeIN Sports just to name a few.


With our exclusive Telco partnership with Kayo, we’ll bring you the best live and on demand action from over 50 Aussie and International sports- whether they’re streaming on the go using Australia’s best mobile network, or kicking back at home with Telstra TV.

Why you’ll love Kayo with Telstra

Just sports, streamed

It’s the way you wanted to get sport but couldn’t before. Access the biggest Aussie sports and the best from overseas all in one place. With Kayo you get an extensive range of sports available to stream on the go or at home, live or on demand.

All sports in the one place

Stream over 50 Aussie and international sports live and on demand including Cricket, Aussie Rules, Rugby League, Football, MotorSports, Basketball, Tennis and more.


Personalised experience

With Kayo there’s no such thing as watching from the sidelines. As a part of your Kayo viewing experience, you can personalise your account to show you more of the sports, teams and shows you enjoy. Plus, you’ll get notifications when the game is about to start, or the clash is on a knifes-edge.  You can even set up to five different profiles to keep the entire family happy.


You’re in control
Have control over your sports experience with spoiler free catch ups, interactive stats, key moment tags, HD quality, and the ability to watch up to four videos at once on the one screen with selected devices (split screen not available on Telstra TV)*.


With Telstra you have the ability to pick from the best of entertainment, sport, tech and accessories, with the flexibility to add to your account. Kayo is sport on your terms- simply add it to your post-paid Telstra bill and kick back watching epic sport on a range of screen sizes and devices at home or on the go.


Easier with Telstra

To get you watching Simmons shoot hoops in the NBA sooner, we’re making it simple to subscribe to Kayo. We’ll pre-fill your Telstra account details and default payment to Telstra billing in the sign up flow for Post-Paid mobile and home broadband customers – no long forms or typing in credit card details needed.





How much does it cost?

Kayo packages start from $25 per month for Kayo Basic, and $35 per month for Kayo Premium. Check www.hub.telstra.com.au/kayo for Kayo offers that you may be eligible for.


Sign up/purchase process




  1. If you’ve received an SMS or email from us about Kayo, first ensure you’re on the Telstra mobile network by disconnecting from Wi-Fi
  2. Tap or click the link you received via the SMS or email. If you can’t find the link, you can sign up via www.hub.telstra.com.au/kayo
  3. You’ll be prompted to sign with your mobile number or with your Telstra ID so we can retrieve your eligible offers
  4. Choose the service that you wish to redeem your Kayo offer with
  5. You’ll be sent a code to verify your account. Enter the code. If you didn’t receive the code, check with your account holder
  6. Choose the Kayo package you’d like to sign up to
  7. If you’re new to Kayo, follow the prompts to create a new Kayo account. If you have an existing Kayo account, click ‘Already have an account? Sign in to Kayo’ and use your existing Kayo login details to sign in

Once completed, your Kayo subscription will automatically be added to your Telstra bill, or be updated to the new offer pricing on your previous payment method for Kayo.



How much data does streaming Kayo use?


When you stream sports and shows on Kayo, the amount of data used depends on things like:


  • What the quality of your stream is (SD or HD)
  • Whether the stream is live, a replay or an on-demand show
  • If the Split View feature is also being used


The below table has a breakdown of approximate data usage:



Video Quality

Time Watching

Data Usage


720p (SD)

1 hour



720p (SD)

1 hour



720p (SD)

1 hour



720p (SD)

1 hour



1080p (HD)

1 hour



1080p (HD)

1 hour



1080p (HD)

1 hour



1080p (HD)

1 hour




How do I manage billing for my Kayo subscription?


Subscription upgrades

You can upgrade your package up to twice per month (i.e. from Kayo Basic to Kayo Premium and Kayo Premium back to Kayo Basic). Upgrading your Kayo subscription creates an immediate change to your package, where you can use the new features straight away. Because of this, you're billed for the difference between the subscription plans for the remainder of the billing month via a pro-rata charge. The pro-rata amount will be calculated from the upgrade date to the end of the regular billing month. Once that billing month has ended, you will be charged the new amount for your subscription on your regular billing date.

To upgrade your account visit: How do I change my Kayo subscription?


Subscription downgrades

Downgrades don’t kick in until the start of the next billing month, so the price change won’t come into effect until the 1st day of your next billing month.  

To downgrade your account visit: How do I change my Kayo subscription?

What happens after my free trial?

If you're moving to a subscription after a Kayo free trial, the billing date will commence on the first day of the new subscription once the free trial has ended and the new subscription charges will start to appear on your bill from the month.

Subscription cancellations

To cancel your account visit: How do I cancel my Kayo subscription?

Charges on your Telstra bill

If you have a question about the Kayo charges on your Telstra bill, speak to us on Live Chat.

Changing your payment method from Telstra billing to credit card

You can select your Telstra bill as your payment method only at sign up. Once you change the payment method to Credit card you cannot revert back to Telstra as your payment method.

To change your payment method to credit card visit: How do I change my Kayo payment method?


Need additional help or support?


For additional help or support for Kayo please visit help.kayosports.com.au

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Just Registered

I don't get how this is a Telstra offer? The price is the same for the public? Nothing beneficial at all?

Level 1: Cadet

Hi. How can I get in touch with Telstra's Comms/PR/Media dept? I am writing an article about the local ADSL cut-off and need information.

Level 22: Superhuman
Level 22: Superhuman

I'm looking forward to trialing this as soon as the AFL season starts again. 


I have been after Foxtel to offer just the sports channels for years, without the need of a useless (To me anyway) starter package fee, so Kayo looks good :-)


One question though, where does the name come from?


Does this applicable for Telstra prepaid customers ??.


Does these have to be on certain plan. I am unable to see kayo in my list

the tech support guys have tried and not much of help. Every time they send the link to my mobile. All i get is below.



I have checked my account and my account is added to my telstra id. When i tried adding agin. It says account already exists.

Kayo support is not much of help. 


Any help would be appreciated.





Support Team
Support Team

Hi @user1404,


Are you able to clarify your concern? Kayo is a paid subscription service that you can use on any compatible mobile and tablet device as well as the Telstra TV and any internet web browser. 


You can take up a 14 day free trial from the Kayo home page here: https://tel.st/zgjz4


Hi @IvanS 


I am reffering to below offer from telstra. Please see below link .




Customer pays $5 for 2 months of Kayo subscription. I am trying to use that offer. 


As per the 24x7 agents, i will be receiving a link either on text or by email with a link to sign up for Kayo.


Hi <myName>, thanks for your time today. As requested you can get closer to the sports you love by purchasing your Kayo subscription here: http://hub.telstra.com.au/kayo?skip=true . If you have any questions before we contact you, please visit the Telstra 24x7 app or call us back on 13 22 00. If you're no longer interested in this product or service, click here: http://say.telstra.com.au/customer/general/forms/cvc-opt-out-for-leads?97160e4b-0960-1a09-6a32-1e47a....



All the details are pre-filled, i just need to complete nominal details.


However, when i click the link am getting 


What am sensing here is that , not much telstra guys are aware of this offer. 


Any help would be appreciated.





Support Team
Support Team

Thanks for those details @user1404 Eligible Telstra customers signing up to Kayo for the first time can get the Basic package for $5 for the first 2 months, available for Post-Paid mobile, mobile broadband and fixed Consumer services. Go to https://tel.st/nlj3v or go My Offers in the Telstra TV Mobile App. Offer only applies to the Basic subscription If you move to the Premium subscription during this offer, you’ll lose the discount. I hope this helps.

Level 3: Gumshoe

Is the 14 day free trial available on the below current offer through Telstra?



Or do you have to go direct to Kayo for the $25 per mth plan to get the 14 day free trial offer?


Level 2: Rookie


There was a free 6 months kayo with Telstra Plus offer to be redeemed before EOFY.

Where is the link to activate this?

Level 2: Rookie


Is there a rewards Telstra Plus offer for Binge the new Foxtel App on TTV?