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We’re here to keep you connected and up to date about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Our number one priority is the wellbeing of our customers and team members. We encourage you to follow the guidance of the Australian Health Department on how to protect yourself.


We’ll also continue to keep you updated on Telstra Exchange as well as on the latest cybercriminals capitalising on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what to watch out for.


You may also receive a legitimate text message from Telstra, with the following information: 
Coronavirus Aus Gov msg: To stop the spread, stay 1.5m from others, follow rules on social gatherings, wash hands, stay home if sick.


Due to increased containment measures announced by the Philippines Government, Telstra’s contact centre workforce has been reduced. This means there will be longer wait times for customers contacting us via phone or online messaging.  


Get access to online support to manage your account and services:

During this time, we want to help you find the support you need quickly to easily. Our online tools are some of the best ways to troubleshoot and resolve account and service issues, and can save you from the extended waiting times currently being experienced.


Here are some of the ways you can self-manage your Telstra account straight from your mobile, tablet or desktop:


The Telstra app
The Telstra app is the simplest way to manage your account, view your services, and find support. You can track orders, check for outages and access our Smart Troubleshooting Tool, straight from your mobile or tablet. Make sure you log in with your Telstra ID first - if you don’t have a Telstra ID, you can register for one here.

Find out more about the app >

My Account
Just like the Telstra app, My Account is the best place to take care of your Telstra account and services, straight from your desktop. Like the Telstra app, you'll need to log in to My Account with your Telstra ID, or register for one here.

Log in to My Account >


Support Centre

Visit our Support Centre for help with your account and service needs, including:
Pay my bill
Set up direct debit
Track my order
Switch to email bill
Register for Telstra ID

Plus across a range of support categories, including:
Accounts & billing
Mobiles & devices


Plus much more!



Online Troubleshooting
There are number of ways you can troubleshoot an array of service issues and find support online, including:



Managing your bills and requesting a payment extension
We’ve made it easy to manage your Telstra account and billing needs online, including with the Telstra app on mobile, and My Account on desktop.


You can setup your payment details, manage late payments, and manage your billing preferences all using our online tools.


We have stepped out how you can manage your payment and billing needs:

 Managing your payments and billing options >

Pre-paid recharge 
It’s easy to recharge your Pre-Paid service and recharge online:


We have stepped out how you can manage and recharge your Pre-Paid service:

Managing your pre-paid service online >

How do I recharge my pre-paid service online >



Outage check

Use our online tool to check if your service is currently experiencing planned maintenance or a network outage.

Check for an outage >



Online store
Want to buy something from our store?

You can purchase products and services through our website, without the need to leave your home, visit >



Looking for more help? Ask a question on the community.

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Level 1: Cadet

Your full of Sh!T!!   I cannot talk to any person for the last 4 weeks.  I have tried the Phone, Email and Chat no response onphone other than being told it an hour wait, no email response and I cant get past the robot on you chat.  Pathetic !

All I want to do is purchase the latest smart modem


Telstra has been known for its lousy service for many years. Now they are using covid as an excuse for even poorer service.

I have been trying to contact for weeks. Even had a direct contact with an agent, supposedly. Still no response. Telstra begged and pleaded to keep me a customer, now that I want to query what she did to my account and use that service I can't talk to anybody. Foxtel by Telstra customer service is in accessible.Phone doesn't get through. Chat is a useless automated system designed by a twit. E-mail direct = no response.

Shame Telstra. Stop using covid to save $ and using it as an excuse for crap service. Every other organization has found ways to operate around it and flourish while you sit stagnant. 

Support Team
Support Team

Hello @Alien8,


Thanks for your feedback, apologies for the hard time getting support.


Since early April we have been directing customers to our My Telstra App

for support. We respond to every message sent, with priority given to urgent requests.


If you have had issues with the message function, please update the Telstra 24x7 App to

the My Telstra App, as we have updated how the chat/message function works.


Open the App, sign in, head to Get Help then the blue message icon. The virtual assistant will

have a few suggestions, before a team member is notified you need assistance. Further info:





Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Not what I expected given the normal slow or non reply.

I had given up using the My Telstra App as it had proved useless also. Sorry I didn't add it to the list of failed ways to attempt contact. Sending me inevitably to a dead end every time . I will however give you the benefit of the doubt and try again today. I have nothing to loose as nobody can be bothered to contact be back any other way. 


Support Team
Support Team

No worries @Alien8,


I have directed many customers to the My Telstra App and nearly all have been

able to have their query investigated. As it's based on urgency, the response time

is generally between 2 hours and 2 days. 


The majority of customers that I've helped that have had a problem with the App,

have actually had a problem with their Telstra ID used to login (forgotten password, account locked etc),

or are using an unsupported device.


If you are having any issues, please provide details that would assist (device details, description of the exact issue etc).








Unfortunately that has not been my experience and I have no problem logging in or unsupported device as you suggested.

As I said, I will give it another try later today when I have the time to waste. I unfortunately am unable to allocate great periods of time during most days to be stuck explaining/repeating the concern yet again. 



Hi Aaron,


I tried the app as suggested = No success

I tried phoning Foxtel on Telstra via 1800 676 088 as requested. This leads through yet another automated service that offers no help, then just ends unresolved yet again.

I still have not had my e-mail responded to from the Customer relationship Manager D773941. 

All I want to do is:

1; Query some credit she applied while on the phone to me on 14/05 after a complaint from the 07/04 after trying many times to contact/resolve.

2; Reactivate Foxtel Sport after the costing from query1 is confirmed to be correct.

It is becoming very difficult to get some service from Telstra. 


Just Registered

Hi, I have had to urgently move out of my rental property and need to temporarily cancel my account until i find somewhere to live. I have tried calling many times and no one will answer the phone.  Getting stressed now because I am homeless and still have to pay bills. 

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Wow, apart from @aaron_h , looks like help is nowhere to be found.

I'll put it out here anyway.

I purchased 2 phones from the Telstra Online store on 13/5/20, received a purchase confirmation screen at the end of transaction with a PPST50955612 order number. However I received no confirmation email.

I checked my credit card & it has been debited for the $458 purchase, my statement ID's the debit as Telstra Online Shop 132200.

The last numbers being your Telstra contact number.

The Order number does not work for tracking the delivery or the purchase.

I have tried calling & online chat, but just keep getting directed to the Telsra app, the app is not supported on my old phone.

I tried submitting a complaint over a week ago via your website complaints form, to which I got a confirmation email with a complaint ID SR 1-2466458682895, however, no one has emailed back.

All I want is a valid tracking number to find out what has happened to my purchase from 3 weeks ago.

How hard should it be to get someone to help?



Just Registered

How do I find where to get the extra data offered during Covid19 for my mobile broadband.????? I keep going around in circles.  There is no hyperlink to click on.