Loss of mobile network service in George Street, Sydney (NSW)

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The Telstra mobile network in parts of George Street, Sydney (NSW) is expected to be impacted from Thursday 25 November for up to eight weeks due to a tower upgrade. Fixed line internet and home phone services will not be affected. 


What are we doing about it? 

We’ve optimised our mobile network sites in the surrounding areas to try to limit the impact of this change and we’re working with urgency to implement a coverage replacement solution. There should be minimal disruption to your network connectivity outside, but you may experience some loss of coverage indoors in some areas of George Street.


If you have access to Wi-Fi you should still be able to make voice and video calls from your mobile phone when connected. More information about how to turn on Wi-fi calling can be found here.


We’re here to help

It is possible that all network providers in the area will lose coverage, which could impact calls to emergency services (000). Emergency calls can still be made using a home phone or over Wi-Fi using a connected mobile phone.


If you do not have access to a home phone and someone in your household may be at risk without a working mobile phone, you can call us on our dedicated priority assistance line on 1800 331 286 and we’ll do what we can to help.


Why didn’t we provide more notice?

We had planned to have a coverage replacement solution in place by the time the upgrade began however there were unexpected delays which impacted our ability to implement the temporary solution.


We are continuing to work to roll out further interim solutions to minimise any impact while work is underway.


How long will mobile services be disrupted?

We expect full service to be restored by late January 2022.

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