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You can manage your mobile service quickly and easily online using My Account (on desktop) or the My Telstra App (on your mobile).


Here’s just a few of the things you can take care of using our online tools:

Retrieve your PIN/PUK

A PUK, or Personal Unlocking Key, is an 8-digit code that unlocks your SIM card if you can’t remember your PIN. There are 3 ways to find your PUK code:


  1. In My Account
  2. In the My Telstra App
  3. At

Find out more about what a PUK code is and how to find it.

Activate Telstra Mobile Protect

Telstra Mobile Protect is an app that makes it easy to set parental controls and restrict usage on your family’s Telstra mobile devices. With it, you can apply internet filters, restrict call and SMS activity, set time restrictions, and more.


Find out more about Telstra Mobile Protect, and how to activate it using the My Telstra App.

Add, remove or change your MessageBank service

Managing the MessageBank service on your mobile is as easy as completing an online form.


You can add, remove or change your MessageBank service or reset your MessageBank PIN using our convenient online form here.


There’s a few other ways you can manage your MessageBank service too – find out more.

Report unwelcome calls

We operate a specialist Unwelcome Calls Centre to assist customers who are receiving unwelcome telephone calls. Find out more about our Unwelcome Calls Centre.


If you’re receiving unwelcome calls, and you’d like to report this to us, you can do so using our Unwelcome Calls form here.

Manage your Data Packs

You can manage your Data Packs (for use in Australia) by simply using the My Telstra App.


Check out our article on how to manage your add-ons using the My Telstra App.

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