Managing your payments and billing options

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We’ve made it easy to manage your Telstra account online with My Telstra in app or in a browser.


Did you know you can setup your payment details, manage late payments, and manage your billing preferences all using our online tools? Here’s how:

Setup payment details


Setup and manage your payment details and Direct Debit

Setting up Direct Debit payment can help you avoid the stress of late fees and forgetting to pay your bill on time. Plus, you can save time by storing your payment details in My Telstra.

Find out more about Direct Debit, or use My Telstra in app or in a browser to setup Direct Debit or save your payment details.

Manage late payments


Request a payment extension

We understand that life doesn't always go to plan, and you might find yourself needing a bit more time to pay your bill. If you’re eligible to request a payment extension, you can request this via My Telstra in app or in a browser, or by completing this web form.

Report a payment

If your bill is overdue and the outstanding amount is more than $70, you may incur a late payment fee and your services may be restricted.


To remove the restriction, you’ll need to pay any overdue amount in full (including any late payment fee), and tell us when you’ve paid it using this form. If you made your payment via My Telstra (in app or in a browser), you won't need to tell us.


Find out more about reporting a payment, and how to get a service restriction removed.

Manage your bills


First things first – if you haven’t already, it’s time to make the switch to paperless billinghere’s how.


View and download a bill

You can check, download and print your current bill by simply signing in to the My Telstra app using your Telstra ID and selecting ‘Payments’. Find out more.


You can view your last 8 bills in the My Telstra app, or last 13 bills in My Telstra in a browser.


Request credit

If you’ve received your bill and noticed a charge you don’t recognise, or you should have received a credit but didn’t, you can query your bill and request a credit using our online form, or via My Telstra in app or in a browser.


Find out more about how to query a charge and request a credit.


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How do I temporarily suspend nbn account on a holiday house whist the COVID issue is happening?

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Is there any relief of deferring payments due to work status of hours have changed due to COVID 19 restrictions for my industry. Automotive sales. 



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Hello @DreamerJo,


Thanks for your message. 


Generally we would advise to call our billing team, but due to the impacts of COVID19

our call centres are currently only able to provide support for critical services.


As Crowd Support is a community forum, no one here can access your account. 


The best way to get support at this point in time would be to download the My Telstra App,

and use the in-app chat function to chat with a consultant.




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Hi I live in New Zealand, I am a FIFO working in Western Australia.  I don’t use my mobile when I’m in NZ, but only turn it on when I need to for authentic Verification when I need to login to my work email, while in NZ.   I am stuck in NZ Due to  the Covid 19 virus and could be here for up to 3 months, and not using my mobile.  Is there any possibility of getting a discount during this period of lockdown !!!

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I have been messaging for a month about a refund on my closed account, going round in circles, who can I actually speak to, I keep being told Telstra will ring me and then they don’t! As a pensioner I need the money Telstra took when they should not have.

Level 21: Augmented
Level 21: Augmented

I just wish that Telstra Accounts and Billing could keep my account up to the correct status, then I could self serve. But as it stands my account states I have an overdue balance because of a long long wait to have a credit applied to my account, And since that has been done and the account paid the overdue status hasn't changed even with the current bill having been prepared (but not yet emailed). I guess I am looking forward to several hours on chat to sort it out Telstra incompetence at keeping the billing correct in a timely manner!