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We understand that life doesn't always go to plan and there might be the odd occasion where you find yourself needing a bit more time to pay your bill. We get that and we're here to help.


To apply for a payment extension, you'll first need to check your eligibility:

  • You have less than $2000 to pay
  • You have no existing or overdue payment arrangements
  • You haven’t broken a payment arrangement in the last 6 months


If you’re not eligible for a payment extension, please contact us about other options.


If you’re eligible, you can apply using one of the below options. Just make sure you have your account number, home number or mobile number handy.


My Telstra App

The easiest way to apply for a payment extension is via your My Telstra App.

To request an extension, sign in to the My Telstra App with your Telstra ID and password, tap Payments, select the relevant account and tap 'Request payment extension'.


My Account

Sign in to your My Account using your Telstra ID and password. You’ll find the payment extension request under the Bills & Payments tab. Select payment extension and follow the prompts.


Extension request form

Using your home number, mobile number or Telstra account number, fill out the request webform and submit it. We'll check the details of your request and if you meet the eligibility criteria, you’ll receive an email from us confirming your bill extension and your new due date.


Talk to us

Rather speak to someone? You can also arrange a payment extension by contacting us.


Once we’ve confirmed that you’re eligible, we’ll propose a new due date for your bill. Once you accept a date, that becomes your new due date. If you’re requesting online, you’ll see a confirmation of the date on screen.


Good to know

If you arrange the extension after your bill’s due date, we may still charge you a $15 late payment fee depending on your bill circumstances.

If you’re experiencing financial hardship, find out how we can assist you here.

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