Nighthawk M2 - the second generation MBB hotspot from Netgear

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The Nighthawk M2 is the second generation MBB hotspot from Netgear, replacing the Nighthawk M1.


The Nighthawk M2 is Australia’s fastest mobile broadband hotspot at launch.


Telstra customers with category 20 devices can experience typical download speeds of 5-500 Mbps and typical upload speeds of 1-40Mbps in 4GX coverage areas. The upper end of the typical speed range will be more commonly experienced in and around the CBD’s of the major cities. Outside 4GX coverage areas typical speeds will be lower. This is ideal if you’re a gamer or love to video stream, the faster, higher-quality data for faster speed transfer.


The Nighthawk M2 has up to 16 hours battery life and allows you to connect to more devices in more places – with up to 20 Wi-Fi enabled devices on the go, in the home with the flexibility of no wires.  The device also allows you to share media from hard-devices and USB with other compatible smart devices. Even more the Nighthawk M2 gives you the option to charge mobiles and tablets on the go, with the use of the on-board 5040mAh battery and USB port.


The Nighthawk M2 is ideal for:

  • Home use: those needing multiple internet connections at home
  • Rentals: house sharing or in short term locations
  • Travel: for those travelling on the go as well and to entertain the kids on long drives or in areas without Wi-Fi (within Australia only, International roaming charges apply internationally).
  • Small Business and Professionals: for fast speeds and for meetings near and far (within Australia only, International roaming charges apply internationally).


Other benefits of the Nighthawk M2:

Superior user experience
With so many other software processes and applications (Facebook etc.) running at all times, a smartphone may not always prioritise the Wi-Fi antenna or Wi-Fi radio connection when tethering. A mobile hotspot on the other hand, is designed strictly for that purpose. The antennas, radios, throughput, and connection with the mobile network are all optimised for prioritising and providing more reliable, high-performance network connections to mobile devices.

Help your phone’s battery
Using a mobile hotspot means you are less likely to drain your phone battery just to stay connected. A mobile hotspot screen requires far less power, and it is built with a larger battery than most smartphones.

Mobile hotspots also can enter a sleep state to conserve energy when there is no activity - something a smartphone typically can’t do as effectively, as it needs to maintain a network connection to accept incoming calls.

Expand network capability with the Nighthawk M2
Transform your mobile hotspot into a powerful 4GX (in 4GX areas) hotspot with high-gain internal and external Wireless WAN and Wi-Fi antennas, 1 USB-C port, 1 Ethernet port.You have the functionality of a home router with the benefits and flexibility of portability by maximising the power of Telstra’s 4GX service in 4GX areas.

Safeguard your personal and confidential data
In the world of technology and security risks, mobile hotspots can help offer a barrier of protection, when compared to Wi-Fi. After all, when you share a Wi-Fi connection with others by allowing them to connect to your smartphone, you are potentially exposing all the information on that device. A hotspot isn’t a gateway into your personal life—just a dedicated Internet connection.

Connect more devices & people
Most mobile phones on most networks support just a few connected devices. The Nighthawk M2 can simultaneously connect as many as 20 Wi-Fi devices such as your smartphone, tablet, and laptop while out and about.

The Telstra Mobile Network offers 4GX in all major and regional cities and in over 1600 towns and communities around Australia. In other coverage areas around Australia, you’ll automatically switch to our fastest available 4G or 3G. Check our coverage map to see where you can get the fastest speeds on your compatible mobile device in Australia.

Find out more about the Nighthawk M2



The device will be available from February 26 Launch.


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The Nighthawk M2 is touted as good for travellers.

So can one attach a high gain antenna to extend the country areas where it is useful?  i.e. make it useable in areas with marginal signal strength?

 If so, does Telstra sell OR recommend suitable high gain antennas for use with the Nighthawk M2.



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Hello @Bullswool,


Thanks for your enquiry.


I was able to locate some information regarding extending your coverage with Telstra,

you can check it out here:


There is a number to contact at the bottom of the page for further assistance, although the call centre may

be currently unavailable as only urgent requests are currently being worked on due to the impacts of COVID 19.


Hopefully some community members have some first hand experience and can give us a rundown.

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Will the Nighthawk M2 work in other countries with a local sim (i.e. not roaming)?

E.g. will it work in NZ with a NZ sim/provider?


I asked in the shop and they said that technically it is unlocked but configured to the Telstra network here. I assume I would *just* have to re-configure it to work in NZ (or wherever else I travel)? Are configuration instructions available for this sort of use?




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I own one and there aren't any means of a customer reprogramming it or changing settings.

It's a brilliant fast modem, but the  usage readings are erroneous  with the usage data compared with my Windows 10  data usage stats.

It's extraordinarily faster than my 3 Advanced 111 modems and works with a poor network signal.

Good idea to remove the battery as they are not replaceable when they expire.

The modem manual states you can use it without the battery.

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Thank you very much for th einfo!

I guess I will try Telstra support to see if I can get any information about international use.

Glad it's as good as it sounds, but it would be a massive waste of money if I couldn't take it home to NZ and use it there as well (I just need it now in WA for an urgent job for three weeks).

Level 23: Superhero

If you actually get to speak to someone in modems at Telstra, which would be quite an accomplishment in the light of the customer experiences here, I very much doubt they would have any idea.   They only have cheat sheets of common questions.

You would be better to ring Netgear.

Good luck

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I already contacted Netgear with this question, unfortunately they told me to talk to Telstra as they are the ones configuring the modem.


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Hmm, this sounds promising:

"the person who buys it may need to update any APN settings to ensure it works with their chosen provider."


Also, I just chatted to Netger again and they sent me this link which confirms a few NZ providers, hooray: