NRL Digital Rights Changes 2018

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Support Team

From 2018 to 2022, due to the changes in Telstra's NRL Digital Rights, the NRL Grand Final and the three games of the State of Origin Series will not be available to live stream via NRL Live Pass on the NRL Official App.
NRL Live Pass subscribers will be able to live stream all 192 NRL Telstra Premiership regular season matches and eight Finals Series matches. Nines, Trans-Tasman Test and other Elite Matches will also be available on NRL Live Pass.
Where can I live stream the 2018 NRL Grand Final and State of Origin matches?
Telstra no longer has the digital rights to these games. Channel 9 has the exclusive rights to the NRL Grand Final and State of Origin games.  
What games can I live stream using the NRL Official App?
You can watch all 192 games of the Telstra NRL Premiership regular season, plus the elimination, qualifying, semi and preliminary finals via NRL Live Pass on the NRL Official App. Nines, All Stars, World Club Challenge and Anzac Test matches are also all available on NRL Live Pass.
I’m a paying annual subscriber. How can I cancel my NRL Live Pass subscription?
You can cancel your NRL Live Pass subscription at any time by accessing your NRL Live Pass account via the NRL Official App, or through the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. For more details on how to unsubscribe, please head to this link:

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NRL App 2018


I was sent an email informing me that there will be a new official NRL App replacing the Telstra NRL App in 2018. I was also sent a code to login in to the new app. I have coincidently deleted the email. How can I get the email with the code resent? 

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Parkes28702


Thank you for your enquiry. I can assist in locating the code you deleted. 


I've sent you a private message to request further information. 


To access your private messages, please refer to the relevant instructions below:

If viewing on a desktop/laptop:
In the top right hand corner of CrowdSupport, you should see a envelope icon. This is your inbox & will contain any private messages you receive via CrowdSupport.

If viewing on a mobile device:
Tap the menu icon (top left), scroll to bottom & log in. Once you've done this, tap the menu icon again & scroll to the bottom until you see "Messages". This is your inbox & will contain any private messages you receive via CrowdSupport

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Hi. I had access last year to the NRL streams but I no longer seem able to log in as it is not current? How to I regain access? I use an Pre-Paid Data SIM in my iPad. What do you need from me for this to be re-setup?

Support Team
Support Team

Hi @ampgp


Thanks for your post and there have been some changes to the NRL App in 2018. You will need to redeem your Telstra Live Pass from your mobile device, then link with an NRL Account. Once you have done this, you would only need to log in with your NRL Account.


In order to redeem your Telstra Live Pass, please follow these steps:

  • Uninstall and Re-install the NRL App
  • Turn off Wi-Fi
  • Open the NRL App
  • If prompted select ‘I’m a Telstra Mobile customer’
  • It will use the mobile network* to confirm your eligibility
  • Check the details are correct and it shows $0/mth
  • Select ‘Go back to the NRL Live App’
  • Congratulations! Your Live Pass has been activated
  • Follow the prompts to create or link your NRL Account
  • Once complete you will be ready to watch

If you need any further help, please let me know.

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Worked perfectly, thanks heaps Jesse. Smiley Happy

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 Hi, I cant seem to find how to buy a Live Pass for 2018.  I had one in 2017, and I have a new app downloaded a few days ago.  I get to a screen headed "NRL Account".  I have an option to log in (if i have an NRL account linked to a 2018 NRL Live Pass).  I dont think i have one of those, so the other option is "continue".  This takes me to a blank screen with just NRL Live Pass and Telstra logos on top.  I'm confused.  I may have created another "account", or whatever its called, on a previous attempt that also came to a dead end.  At no time did it say I had a 2018 Live Pass.  Help please.

Support Team
Support Team

Hey @powerturtle


If you are having trouble registering, I can provide you the steps to follow to register. I would recommend deleting the App from your device and starting again fresh, as this will ensure there are no previously saved details in your device.


  1. When you start the App, there are 2 options: 
  2. ‘I’m a Telstra Mobile Customer’
  3.  ‘Buy or Restore a Live Pass’
  4. Select the appropriate option based on how you wish to subscribe
  5. If you have a Telstra Mobile, it will use the mobile network to confirm your eligibility, you will need to turn off Wi-Fi on your device to complete this step.
  6. Next you will link your NRL Account, if you have one just select ‘Log in’ if not, select continue to register a new NRL Account.
  7. After linking your account, select a payment option or restore (if you have purchased previously on another device).
  8. You will be prompted to authorise the subscription through Google Play or iTunes.

If you have any further questions or have trouble, please let me know.



Just Registered

all of a sudden if I try and play a video on a nrl story it comes up with an error cany play video empty url link