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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

So, it might be apocryphal, but there's a story that back in the early days of home computing a company shipped a bunch of units where the chips hadn't seated properly in the boards. The fix they gave customers was to hold the whole unit about a foot over the desk and let it drop...


The one that sticks out from my own experience though goes back to my Tech Bar days. Had a Pre-Paid wifi hotspot refuse to allow WPA2 network security, regardless of what I did. Full factory reset, nothing. Did not want to know. For whatever reason it had a very old SIM card in it - I'd dismissed this as the cause because what the hell does the age of the SIM have to do with the network security? I foolishly mentioned the age of the SIM outloud, and the customer got rather vocal, so to keep them happy I upgraded it. Next thing you know everything is working like it should.


If anyone has a theory on what happened there I'm all ears.