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Support Team

Over the last 6 years Telstra’s Service Status Page (SSP) has been a valuable resource that allows Telstra customers to check online for outages that may be effecting their Telstra connected services.

Telstra has a complex network that can sometimes be effected by outages which generally occur due to loss of power in parts of the network, damage to cabling and equipment failure in extreme weather conditions. When something does go wrong, Telstra’s team of expert technicians do everything they can to restore services with the least impact possible to you. But you also want to know how long it is going to take to get your services back up and running and that’s why the Service Status Page is a great resource.

Until recently, the Service Status Page allowed you to do a simple online search by entering the postcode where you encountered the issue and would then provided a list of services effected and an estimated restoration date.

Now the Service Status Page has been upgraded and all of the new features and improvements were based on feedback from our customers. You told us that you wanted an instant access to check for outages online, easy to understand information and fast restoration.

Not only does the Service Status Page upgrade include all of these features, it also has a slick new look and feel. We have improved the search function to provide more personalized search results as well as more detailed information about outages, including mobile maps.

So what’s new?

Personalised searching
Instead of using your postcode you can now search with your home address. This means that you can search with certainty knowing you will get specific information related to your phone and internet services when checking to see if there is an outage.

Detailed outage information
The upgraded SSP search function will result in more relevant information including the cause of the outage as well as when it is scheduled to be fixed. If your service is not impacted by an outage in the area, we guide you through smart troubleshooting steps at which test, diagnose and resolve common issues

Mobile Maps
We have included mobile maps in the SSP upgrade. When searching for information about mobile outages we have added maps that highlight outages in specific geographical areas that effect your mobile service. This makes it the SSP much more accurate especially for small outage events.

The improvements to the SSP will mean that you can find more information about any and all service outages in your area as well as making it easier, faster and more accurate.

All of the new features mean that you don’t have to spend time on the phone to have your questions answered because the upgraded SSP now has all the information you need including troubleshooting support.

The Service Status page can be accessed by visiting  


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Pity the service status page returns a 404 error....


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the outage page has been useless generally being updated hours after the incident has occurred and twitter is all over it before this page is