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Telstra Plus, our new Rewards Program, is officially here! You can now earn Telstra Plus points on eligible spend, which can be redeemed towards devices, accessories and more at the online Rewards Store.


Customers who have successfully enrolled in the program can earn 10 Telstra Plus points per dollar on every Telstra bill or pre-paid recharge. Your Telstra Plus points can be viewed using the My Telstra App or My Account.


What is eligible spend?
Eligible spend is defined as money spent on:


(a) Paying your monthly bill for your Telstra services (after any discounts or refunds are applied);

(b) Recharging your Telstra prepaid service;

(c) Buying a mobile handset or hardware from Telstra through monthly instalment payments


Note: some exclusions apply on your account spend such as outright purchases, credits, refunds and late payment fees. See Telstra Plus Terms and Conditions.


Tier Benefits
As a personal (consumer) customer, you’ll qualify for one of three membership tiers based on your previous year’s total spend: MemberSilver, and Gold.


All business customers enrol on a Business member tier.


As shown in the table below, the higher the membership tier, the greater the benefits.




For existing personal (consumer) customers, your initial tier is based on your eligible spend in the last 12 months with Telstra. For new Telstra personal (consumer) customers, you’ll need to wait until you have an active service to enrol in Telstra Plus.


You’ll join the program in the Member tier, and you’ll move up if your account spend reaches a certain amount in your membership year. Spend level per tier to qualify are as follows: 


  • Member Tier - less than $1499.99 annual eligible account spend per membership year
  • Silver Tier - $1500-$2999.99 annual eligible account spend per membership year
  • Gold Tier - $3000 and above annual eligible account spend per membership year

All business customers, existing and new, will join the program on the Business member tier.


Understanding Tier Movements for personal (consumer) customers

Tier allocation
Existing Telstra customers will be allocated a tier based on their last 12 months of spend. If you have exceeded $1500 of eligible spend ($125/month on average) in that time, you will be allocated to the Silver tier. If you have exceeded $3000 of eligible spend ($250/month on average) in that time, you will be allocated to the Gold tier.


All new Telstra customers who have enrolled in Telstra Plus will join the program at the Member tier, and will move up a tier once you meet the eligible spend.

Moving up a tier
You will automatically move up a tier if your total eligible spend within the membership year passes the required spend level (12 month periods commencing from when you joined Telstra Plus). For example, if you exceed $3,000 of eligible spend ($250/month on average) in the membership year, you will automatically move up to the Gold tier.


You can move up a tier at any point in your membership year, as long as you meet the eligible spend criteria. Should you move up a tier, you will remain in that tier for the remainder of your membership year, and the membership year after that.


For existing Telstra customers who have enrolled in Telstra Plus, your initial tier is based on your eligible spend in the last 12 months with Telstra, and you can move up a tier when you meet the same spend criteria as for new customers.

Moving down a tier
You can only move down a tier at the start of a new membership year. If you've had a lower eligible spend than your current tier for a full membership year, you will move to your eligible tier at the start of your new membership year.

For example, if you join Telstra Plus on 2 April 2019 as a Member and reach $3,000 of eligible spend on 15 January 2020, you’ll attain Gold Membership on 15 January 2020 and stay in the Gold tier for at least until 1 April 2021.


However, if your eligible spend between 2 April 2020 and 2 April 2021 (your second membership year) is $2,400, this doesn’t reach the Gold Membership threshold of $3,000, you’ll move to Silver Membership tier at the beginning of your next membership year (your third membership year starting 2 April 2021).

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