Telstra Plus Kayo and Stan activation issue

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Update 3/07/20:
We’ve been advised that this issue has now been resolved. iOS users should now be able to activate their Telstra Plus Kayo and Stan benefits and Binge offers using the browser of their choice.

If you're still experiencing issues activating your benefits and offers, please try again using an different browser.

We've also extended the Telstra Plus Kayo benefit for Silver and Gold members. Please visit for more details.

Thanks again for your patience.
Update 19/06/20:
We are aware of an issue impacting some Apple iOS customers which is causing issues when activating their Telstra Plus Kayo and Stan benefits. This is affecting a range of Apple devices.
While we work to resolve this, please activate your Telstra Plus benefit using a different browser.
We apologise for any inconvenience.

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Been trying to activate this for almost a month now, constantly asking for help from Telstra, still no access... 

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My 3 months Kayo has not gone through but I cannot try through another browser as it had that I have already taken up deal. Can or will this be reset? 

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I've tried activating these offers using different browsers but it's still coming up as unavailable. Will these offers be honoured after the expiry date?

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So there is an issue with the Kayo activation - Telstra how much longer will you extend this offer for when this is resolved- you know it’s the right thing to do


Has this been fixed

I am currently being charged by Kayo for my 3 free months???

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Its says on the box free 6 months - are you going to honour this?


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Attempting to activate Kayo before 30 June 2020. 

I have used alternative browsers that are not Safari, and nil success. 

Any recommendations appreciated. It would be nice to access the benefit before it expires. Thank you

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Have tried to activate the Kayo 3 month benefit several times now the last being this evening (29/6/20) as the offer is only valid for take-up until 30 June.  The app will not let me access this offer.  As suggested I have tried different browsers with the same result.

I am entitled to this offer.  Why do offer benefits that they can’t/won’t honour.  I suppose this is why I haven’t had access to my home phone land line since the 10 January 2019.  If they won’t rectify that fault what hope do I have with Kayo. Disappointing Telstra and not for the first time.

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Can someone please respond?