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Support Team

Telstra TV® has changed the way many of us consume TV shows and Movies at home.

Now Telstra TV is changing. From Tuesday 31 October 2017, there will be some important updates coming to the Telstra TV and Telstra TV App, including improvements for Telstra broadband customers. There’s no need to do anything- this transition will happen automatically over the course of a few weeks.

Telstra TV Updates

New-look, content-led home screen.
Telstra TV will be getting a new look content-led home screen meaning that you can find TV shows and movies without having to open individual apps. The new home screen makes titles, actors and directors the focus, to help you explore content.

Introducing ‘Telstra TV Recommends’
Discovering movies and shows will be easier with the introduction of “Telstra TV Recommends”, where we recommend content from our apps.

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Enhanced search functionality
Updated and improved search functionality means that you will be able to search for a specific title across multiple content providers. It includes synopsis information and a summary of where you can watch that title. Telstra TV will recognise which apps you have an existing subscription to, to allow you to watch.

As we are making available the new and enhanced search functionality to Telstra TV customers over the coming weeks, the existing search functionality will periodically by unavailable as we are preparing the update. You can continue to search and launch movies and TV shows by pairing your Telstra TV device to the Telstra TV mobile app (on a Telstra broadband connection or logged in using your Telstra ID). Using the Telstra TV mobile app, you can select to play movies and TV shows on your Telstra TV.   

From 31st October 2017, Telstra TV customers who are not connected through a Telstra Broadband connection will not have access to the full functionality of Telstra TV- including search, the updated Telstra TV home screen, Telstra TV App remote pairing and My List reminders (see below for more on this).


Telstra TV App Updates
Exclusively for Telstra Customers, there will be several updates made to the Telstra TV App including Carousel Content Discovery, Notifications and Reminders as well as updates to the In App Telstra TV Remote.


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Telstra TV® Recommends - A list of the popular and recommended titles from Streaming and Catch Up apps.

My List –
Save a list of titles you want to watch later. Use ‘My List’ on the Telstra TV App to save movies and shows, then when you’re ready to watch them, access ‘My List’ from the mobile app to watch them on your Telstra TV device or launch the content provider’s app on your mobile.

Notifications and Reminders – Set reminders for upcoming TV Shows and Movies to watch on TV (note, you won’t be able to watch live TV on your Telstra TV model).

Updated Remote – Improvements to the Telstra TV App Remote to control your Telstra TV® device.

This not available to customers who have paired the Telstra TV App with the Telstra TV 1 model.

Things you need to know:
The Telstra TV terms and conditions have changed. The new Telstra TV® terms are able to be viewed at New Telstra TV® App terms are able to be viewed in Google Play and App Store.


Telstra TV: Requires a compatible TV with a HDMI port. A minimum internet speed of 3.5mbps is recommended. Subscription and data charges apply. Search not available across all apps.  Free-to-air TV not available on Telstra TV 1 model.  Telstra TV App: Data charges apply.


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Level 3: Gumshoe

Please tell us this update will now include the official Plex app or that it can be obtained from the app store?  

Level 2: Rookie
Wouldn’t Plex support be great. But I’m afraid it will be mostly more adds to sell content.
Level 1: Cadet

My Telstra TV has of late acting strange when using UTUBE,I did reset it etc to get it to work like it did before.

The problem was mainly setting up Activate to my TV.I'm using a Microsoft Surface RT,But I ended up having to use my Android Tablet to get the Activate to finally work, My Telstra TV is only about a Month old, Very frustrating to say the least.



Level 2: Rookie
Plex can be sideloaded in development mode. Google it via plex on Roku. Not the sexiest but it works.
Level 3: Gumshoe
Yes we run plex in dev mode it does work ok
Level 2: Rookie

Plex app would be fantastic, and is something that would be a big selling point for the Tesltra TV

Just Registered
Telstra cannot provide us with broadband at 4520 so everything comes through mobile data. Does this mean we will not have full functionality for telstra tv? 😢
Level 1: Cadet

I don’t want the update, thank you. I’m happy with the way it is. All I use is Plex. 

I’ve ordered the new one for all the new fangled stuff. 


If you can remote in and change the firmware, what is to stop black hats getting in and adding malicious code. 

If my Telstra TV is out of warranty and you go ahead anyway and brick it with your update are you going to replace it?

Level 5: Eagle Eye
Will we get any more apps?

Will AFL actually show anything worthwhile? Like a football match?
Level 22: Superhuman

@MrGadget,  Telstra have been updating kit for decades. It's locked down, and it's unlikely in the extreme that "blackhats" can go through the system, find your serial number, find the codes, login and mess with your Telstra TV any more than they do with "unlocked Roku" devices, or Samsung TVs.


Not to say it will never happen, but when it does, it will be more likely happen to something more important than a Telstra TV.


If the TTV get's bricked by an update,  I imagine Telstra would be replacing more than just yours.