Transferring my mobile number to Telstra – what do I need to know?

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Transferring your mobile number, also known as 'porting', is the process of moving your phone number from one telecommunications provider to another.

When you purchase a device or SIM Kit from Telstra, you can choose to keep your current mobile number or get a new one. If you want to keep your current mobile number, we can transfer it over to the Telstra network in a few easy steps.

Will I incur an early termination charge?

When you move your mobile number to Telstra, the current provider you’re switching from will cancel your mobile service with them. Once your current provider does this, you may have to pay them an early termination charge when you transfer to Telstra.

You may also have to pay any remaining device or accessory payments you have outstanding with that provider. It’s a good idea to check with them before placing the order.

Is the process of transferring my number secure?
Yes. In line with new telecommunications regulations, we’ve updated our fraud prevention measures to help stop anyone from trying to transfer your number without your permission.

We’ve added an extra security check to our online ordering process. If you’re transferring your number to Telstra, we won’t complete the transfer until we know it’s you.

How do you keep my details safe?
Once you submit your order online, we’ll send a 6-digit code to the number you’re trying to transfer to verify it’s really you. You’ll receive the code within 4 hours, and must enter it at the website link provided in the text message from us.

This simple step gives you more protection and helps us prevent fraudulent activity.

Why can’t you send the code to a different phone number or email address? 

Email addresses are often one of the first things a fraudster will try to access. They may attempt to change your contact details so that messages from us about your service go to them instead of you.

We send the 6-digit code to the mobile number you’re trying to transfer so we can verify that you, as the owner of that service, are the only person authorising it.


What happens if I don't get the verification code?

If you haven't received the verification code after 4 hours and we haven't contacted you, please call us on 1800 631 334 for help.

I’m a business owner wanting to transfer multiple mobile numbers. Do I need a code for each mobile service?
No. Please contact us on 132000 so we can help you transfer your mobile numbers.

I haven’t requested to transfer my number to Telstra, why have I received a code?
If you’ve received a text message with a 6-digit verification code, a request has been made to transfer your mobile number. If you or a family member didn’t make the request, you can ignore it and we won’t complete the transfer.

Please contact your current provider if you think someone has tried to fraudulently transfer your number.

I think that my number has been fraudulently transferred to Telstra, what can I do?

If you think your mobile number has been fraudulently switched to Telstra, please contact your previous service provider and speak with them about reversing the transfer.

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