What are Early Termination Charges on my mobile plan?

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Early Termination Charges (also known as ETC), are fees you’ll incur if you choose to:

  • Cancel your Telstra mobile service before your contract end date;
  • Change your mobile or tablet plan before your contract end date;
  • Change to a non-eligible mobile plan before your contract end date; or
  • Move your mobile service to a pre-paid or casual plan before your contract end date.

There are a number of factors which determine if Early Termination Charges will apply, and if so, how much these charges will be. You can check your contract status, upgrade options, and if you have any ETCs online anytime using Telstra 24x7 My Account.

Early Termination Charges may also apply when cancelling other service types, such as your home broadband service. Find out more here.

Want to check if you have any ETCs? Head straight to our Contract Details page here, enter a few details, and you can find out your contract status and upgrade options straight away. Easy as!


What should I know about cancelling my service?

  • Early Termination Charges apply if you cancel your Telstra package within the minimum term.
  • If hardware was included in your package as part of your contract - like a Telstra TV or a Telstra modem - and you cancel the package early, the remaining amounts for these items will be added to your ETCs.
  • If you cancel your package and there are additional Hardware Repayment Options associated with it - such as for a mobile device - you'll be charged these remaining hardware payments. Any associated package benefits - such as Family Calls Package - will also be removed.
  • ETCs may also apply if you change your package before the contract end date.

Good to know: The Critical Information Summary (CIS) for your service outlines the Early Termination Charges of your contract, excluding any remaining handset and accessory payments. These fees decrease each month you stay on your plan.


Receiving your final bill

If you have cancelled all your Telstra services, you may receive a final bill from us. Your final bill will show any outstanding credits, and any outstanding amounts you need to pay before your account can be closed off. It will also show any Early Termination Charges that apply.

You can pay any outstanding amounts using your preferred payment method.

We send your final bill via post so that you have a physical copy to keep for your records. Make sure the postal address on your Telstra account is current (you can update it in Telstra 24x7 My Account).

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