What’s new in My Telstra in December

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In our latest monthly update, we’re introducing new features and updating old ones to make it easier for you to manage your Telstra account.

Join a store’s queue

Visiting a store? Now you can secure your spot in the queue ahead of your visit. You’ll also be able to track your progress as you move up the line so you can go about your day. 


To join a store’s queue, simply head to the Get help tab in the app.

Telstra Plus gets a refresh

Time to explore the all new look of Telstra Plus. Check your points, visit the Rewards Store and access your exciting benefits in a few simple taps. 


For Silver members, message us in the app for help with your services and ask us about getting the most out of your Silver benefits. 


Gold members get VIP service when you message us in the app. We can help with your services, home tech and getting the most out of your Gold benefits. 

Give your Wi-Fi coverage a boost

Got a hard to reach Wi-Fi spot? Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster extends your network so you can enjoy wall to wall coverage with more consistent speeds. 


Enjoy less buffering and less lag while you stream, game and work in more rooms of your home.

How do I get the My Telstra app?

Simply visit the App Store or Google Play and search for My Telstra.


Existing Telstra 24x7 app users may need to manually upgrade their app by searching My Telstra in their app store, then tapping Update.


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There's an issue with the latest update C 60.0.32814 3 days ago of MyTelstra. Does not work, it shows outlines but no content. I have deleted and reinstalled on my iPhone, no change. Also reset my iPhone many times again nothing.

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I've the same issue, no content - taken the same steps as SOAN and no correction to app (using iOS14.2.1)