What’s new in My Telstra in February

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In our latest monthly update, we’re introducing new features and improving old ones to make it easier for you to manage your Telstra account.



Security setup

We've added more layers of security to the app.


Set up a Telstra PIN and use fingerprint or face recognition to securely access and update your personal details. You can also turn on app lock and review who has permission to manage your account.


Our online safety tools are available to help protect your home network and devices. Get support from our cyber security features, and report suspicious activity or scams.


Simply manage your Security settings in Profile.



Snapshot of your accessories repayment details

Check the repayments on your accessories bundle. Head to your Service summary screen to view the details.



Estimated cost to change or cancel your plan

Looking to make a switch? Check the estimated amount you may need to pay if you change or cancel your plan.



How much data are you using?

See your daily mobile data usage with a visual breakdown in graph or list view.


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Level 1: Cadet

Why doesn't Telstra actually do something productive about payments and billing by allowing Direct Debit through PayPal?

Or are you scared that PayPal will afford your customers another wall of protection for their finances.

It seems Telstra is **bleep** scared of using PayPal for transactions that can be done ultra safely and are covered by the PayPal security firewall.

Level 8: Inspector

I write this without a hint of sarcasm:

I wish there was an option in the app that you could click to "Cancel all Accounts with Telstra immediately".

At present, I cannot get through to anyone at Telstra to arrange termination of my account due to Telstra's inept/poor service.

Australia's major Telco: customer service is uncontactable by any electronic means......ironic much.