What’s new in My Telstra in January

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Each month, we review customer feedback and work on enhancing and improving My Telstra. Here’s an overview of the latest additions and updates to hit the app this month:

Protect your family from inappropriate sites
You can help keep your family’s online experience safe by adding websites to allowed and blocked lists.



Hardware repayment options
Got a hardware repayment option? Now you’ll be able to see a snapshot of your repayment details.



Got a damaged screen?
If you’ve got Upgrade & Protect, you can now start your screen repair assessment on the Services screen. A one-off $99 repair fee will be charged.



Notification centre updates
Our notification centre is a safe and secure hub for viewing messages from us. You can now see more of your important regulatory Telstra messages.



Missed a Telstra delivery?
You can update your order delivery address to a different address.


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Level 2: Rookie

Have been trying to get answers about phone issues, Was told to go to shop and shop said go online. I was told services were stopped and internet was unusable by NOKIA but then telstra tells me to get a data pack on top of my plans data allowance. i got an offer online a while ago and when i went to first shop NO OFFER ON FILE and second didn't know what to do and told me to go online with a phone that can't. now all are saying " talk to someone else " or " try online.. so the more ticked off i get the closer i am getting to seeing an old barrister friend for advice or telstra can fix it.

Level 2: Rookie

And after finding that there is nothing to be done about it and NO mention of any need to change my 12 yo plan, here I am waiting as always for something to happen.