What’s new in My Telstra in July

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Our latest monthly update further enhances stability and performance, plus adds new features to help you manage your account with ease.


Track faults and appointments
You can now check the status of any reported fault or service interruption through the Get Help screen. If you have an appointment for a nbn faults technician to come to your home, you can view and reschedule appointments within the app. Just tap on Get Help and then Track my reported faults to get started.

Personalised Telstra Plus dashboard
A new rewards dashboard puts everything Telstra Plus in one place. Simply go to your Home screen to see your points balance, current member benefits and more.

Even more entertainment and media services available
is Australia’s newest streaming service, packed with binge-worthy, award-worthy and share-worthy shows – and it’s ready to go on your device. Just open My Telstra and select Services to access your media subscriptions.


On the Home screen, you’ll also now be able to access Telstra News, showing the latest on  Entertainment, Business and Devices.

How do I get the My Telstra app?

Simply visit the App Store or Google Play and search for My Telstra.

Existing Telstra 24x7 app users may need to manually upgrade their app by searching My Telstra in their app store, then tapping update.

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Level 4: Private Eye

Sadly, my My Telstra app doesn't show the Binge offer. In fact, today it's not even showing I have any services (though it does say I have a current bill, and I'm a gold Plus member, and my points count.)

It continues to say 'Unable to load services', and when I click Retry it simply says something went wrong.


Is there a back-end service issue on Telstra's side? Can the app give us more information on any outages affecting its own services?


Perhaps even more stability and performance updates are needed Smiley Sad

Level 2: Rookie

Sadly, for some reason the My Telstra android app gives the error "Unable to display details at this time" when trying to display one of my pre-paid services in the widget. It also gives the error "Something went wrong" when lookinjg at it in the app itself. It has been like this since the app was released. Is there any way to reinstall the old 24x7 android app. That used to work!!