What's new in My Telstra in June

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We’re always working to improve the My Telstra app and this month is no different. Check out the latest features that await you the next time you open the app.


More for connected devices

You can now get an overview of your Wi-Fi’s performance. You’ll see a breakdown of how your service is running, including a performance score. We’ll also highlight any issues and provide known solutions to fix them.


Latest news update

We’ve refreshed the home screen so it’s easier to see the latest in news, technology, entertainment and announcements from Telstra.


You’ll also be able to view tips and tricks to manage your Telstra services.


Manage your spot in the queue

Joined a store’s queue in the app? You’ll now be able to manage your spot in the queue. 


If you’re running late, you can let us know and we’ll keep you in the queue. We’ll also send an SMS when we’re ready to serve you and you can let us know when you’re on your way.


Speed check

We’ve added new capabilities to the speed test feature. You can now see your modem’s speed so you’ll know if there’s an issue with your connection.

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Level 4: Private Eye

Still not working on Android 12 - just open and closes down immediately

Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

@oldguyzrule I wouldn't expect an Android 12 compatible release of the app until an Android 12 Release Candidate is announced. It only reached Platform Stability last week, which is the point at which developers can have confidence that any changes they make to their code from that point should work going forward.