What’s new in My Telstra in March

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In our latest monthly update, we’re introducing new features and improving old ones to make it easier for you to manage your Telstra account and services.  


Boost your nbn speed whenever you need  

You can now add, remove and modify your speed boosts for your nbn services in the Services screen. This gives you more control over your home internet service and the speeds it comes with. 


Get the latest extras from our online store 

You can now get the most out of your service and shop extras directly from the Shop screen. This includes our recommended range of extras and media subscriptions, like Kayo, Netflix and Foxtel. 


Stay on top of your Telstra Plus orders 

We’ve now added Telstra Plus orders to the order tracker. You can place an order in the Telstra Plus Reward Store and track it from wherever you may be. 


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