What's new in My Telstra in September

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Each month, we review customer feedback and work on enhancing and improving My Telstra. Here’s an overview of the latest additions and updates to hit the app this month:


Device locator enhancements
If you know your registered Telstra device is nearby but can’t locate it, you can now use Device Locator to make it play a sound – even if it’s on silent.

If you’ve lost your device outside of the home, you can also send it a custom message which will be visible to anyone who finds it.          


See more in the notification centre
Our notification centre is a safe and secure hub for viewing messages from us. Filter by categories including billing and payments, orders, services, disruptions and appointments.


Activate your eSIM     
eSIM technology makes connecting to the Telstra mobile network easier than ever. You can now activate your eSIM on Pre-Paid in the My Telstra app.


Optimise your gaming experience     
Our new Game Optimiser service helps you optimise your internet specifically for gaming. You can activate a free trial and manage Games Optimiser on the Services screen.

View home internet data usage
From October, users with unlimited data plans can now see how much data they’ve used each month.
(Note: Data will show as 0 for VIC customers who are on a temporary COVID-19 unlimited data offer).


Enhanced Shop features 
Enjoy a richer and more engaging Shop experience, with video and animation bringing the latest devices to life.

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Hi there, I have been trying to put the My Telstra app on my computer but have run into problems with this, one would think rather simple task My computer is New and system 10 is right up to date. I have tried to download the app many times but it does not do anything. I have asked support for help but got nowhere, I tried Chat but the machine could not come up with an answer. Looking at an old request, that has now been Archived someone has had the same problem but sadly didn't any replies to help him. If anyone has experienced this problem, did you get an answer to help you out? Has this app now been set up for Tablets and Mobile Phones only? 

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It would be nice to see Call Time detailed for mobile services.

This would represent the number of minutes spent on making (not receiving) phone calls in the month.

This would be a useful indicator of the phone usage.


By the way, on my previous plan calls were charged at $1/min so it was easy to calculate the call time by looking at the cumulative call charges for the month. Now on my new plan the call charges only ever say $0.