You can now purchase your new mobile outright from Telstra

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We’re excited to announce that our range of mobiles and tablets are now available for outright purchase. That means no monthly repayments – buy a new device outright, and it’s all yours.

Purchasing outright also means you can upgrade whenever you like – you won’t be locked into a device payment contract, so there’s no need to wait for your contract to end before upgrading to a new device.

Plus, when you buy a device from Telstra, you have access to a wide retail support network if you encounter any issues with your device.

Discover our range of mobiles available to purchase outright >

Why would I purchase a device outright from Telstra?

Paying outright means no further payments for your device over 24 months​.
That means easy bill management, no lock-in contract for your mobile plan and no excess data charges, so you know what you’re paying every month.

Telstra devices are rigorously tested and have security updates​.
Our devices are optimised for Australian networks to enhance mobile service quality and provide emergency calls, and have updated software for security. ​

Australian Warranty on devices and serviceable via Telstra.
Peace of mind that your device is covered by warranty, and that you can go to Telstra for help, or the original manufacturer. ​


Personalised service as a Telstra customer and all our mobile benefits​.
Access to great customer service in-store, and feel rewarded for your spend with Telstra through Telstra Plus, with perks like discounted movie tickets. ​

Good to know
Outright purchase may not be available upon a launch of a new device or where there maybe stock shortage. You can purchase a device outright from a Telstra store or online only.

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