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Since it’s creation a few years ago, Telstra’s Smart Troubleshooting tool has been your number one spot for sorting your fixed service issues out. But now it’s your first stop for all things mobile as well!


Whether you suspect you’re dealing with an outage in your area, or that your handset specifically has a problem, this online tool will help you identify the issue and, where possible, provide a solution as well.


The best part? It’s super easy to use. Here’s what you can expect:


First of all start by heading You can skip straight to some basic guides if you’d like, but we recommend logging in with your Telstra ID so the Smart Troubleshooting tool can take a look at your services specifically.


For the purpose of this example we’re going to log in.




Next up, pick your service from the list.



Then let us know what you’re experiencing issues with.


And what exactly is going on.



First, we’ll check if there’s anything going on that could be the source of your issue.


If there is, we’ll give you the details, including an estimate for when services will be back to normal. If not though, then the tool will take you through some troubleshooting to get your service back to normal.



We’ll ask you to try a few basic troubleshooting steps



As well as some questions about what’s going on



We’ll give you some more specific things to try



And help you test if these have helped or not



If so…



But if not, don’t worry, we’ll stay with you and get you the help you need to sort this one out.



So that’s just one example of how the Smart Troubleshooting tool can help you with a mobile issue. In this instance we followed the process for dealing with poor call quality, but the tool can also help you with:


  • Mobile Internet
    • No Connection
    • Drop outs
    • Slow speeds
    • Issues with a specific website

  • Mobile Voice Calls
    • Cannot make calls
    • Cannot receive calls
    • Drop outs

  • Messaging
    • Cannot receive messages
    • Cannot send messages
    • Repetitive messages
    • Premium SMS issues
    • Delayed messages
    • Messages out of order

  • International Roaming/Calling
    • Cannot use service overseas
    • Cannot make international calls

  • Email
    • Cannot send emails
    • Cannot receive emails
    • Email configuration issues

  • Mobile Coverage Issues

And heaps more, including Messagebank issues, SIM Replacement issues, and Telstra One Number support.


You can launch this tool from the Telstra 24x7 App if you’d like, or by heading to

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Isn't this just one more that Telstra is withdrawing from actual contact with its customers?