ZTE Cease Sale- Reversal

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This relates to the ZTE cease sale that was communicated on 10 May 2018.

In April 2018, the U.S. Department of Commerce imposed a denial order that prohibited U.S. companies from selling device components and software to ZTE, and prevented ZTE from supplying devices which incorporate these technologies while the order remains in force – including for our range.

For this reason, on 10 May 2018 we ceased sales of Telstra-branded ZTE mobiles and mobile broadband devices, through our stores and partners. This was a difficult but necessary step given ZTE’s decision at the time to cease major operating activities, and we apologise that this resulted in a temporary reduction in device options for customers. 

Update as of 25 July 2018.


ZTE has now confirmed to Telstra that the denial order that prohibits U.S. companies from selling device components and software to ZTE, has been lifted. This means ZTE is once again able to source the US technology that enables them to provide software and firmware updates when required. 


Given this, we will resume selling Telstra and Boost branded ZTE devices to meet customer demand for entry-level and specialised devices. This includes the Easy Call 4, designed for vision and hearing impaired customers, and the Telstra Flip 2, designed for regional customers who require a directly coupled antenna point to enhance coverage.

Will all Telstra and Boost branded ZTE device firmware and software now be supported?

ZTE has confirmed to us that with the lifting of the denial order, they are once again able to source the US technology that enables them to provide updates when required.

Are the handsets safe to use?

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with the handsets and they are fine to use. We go through a careful assessment process when deciding the devices we stock and security is a top priority in this process.

Are there any changes to the warranty process?

There is no change to the warranty process. Standard device fault processes apply.


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Will you still be supplying a 'Seniors' flip-phone?

Level 22: Superhuman
Level 22: Superhuman

@victoty21 Good question.


I know a senior who would like a more up-to-date flip phone that works on all Telstra freq's. The Telstra's 'blue-tick' was always a helpful guide with ZTE's


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Thank you for letting ZTE users know about the supply issue, but you are well rid of this phone. It's absolutely hopeless! Poor functionality, very little memory, apps crash frequently, and internet access is poor. Thank your lucky stars the USA did what you should have done ages ago.

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I bought the Telstra Tough because it's the only phone I can get any reception when I go camping. The worst thing about it is how old the operating system is and the fact that no upgrade is available. I believe an upgrade would improve many of its faults including so slow, locking up freezing etc

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I think ZTE phones were better before they jumped on the android bandwagon, maybe they should go back to their old operating system (cant remember what it was), 


a pity Telstra wont put in a complaint about the data stealing from its customers by google/alphabet (claim of 1gig a month) and its associated companies ie android.

i dont pay telstra for google to miss use my  data allowance,


maybe Telstra should be charging google/android a connection fee?

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Level 22: Superhuman

So now the USA government is friends with ZTE I guess we will see them for sale again soon with Telstra?

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The USA was mainly concerned about privacy problems with the phone {just like google knows all}

the Chinese could be spying according to Mr Trump?

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Glad to hear the good news, as i recently brought a ZTE and have been impressed with it on 4G . Beat the daylights out of my Samsung that it replaced.

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Support Team

Hi Bearded1, thank you so much for the feedback. Was there anything we can give you a hand with today perhaps? 

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All good thanks.