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What do you think of the NRL commentary?

So I watched the Raiders beat the Eels last night, the Raiders played really well and beat top 4 Eels and it was a good game..

however, the commentary was atrocious and seemingly were one-eyed Eels supporters. 
This is problematic (and kind of uncomfortable) for neutral viewing because the disparity between what the commentators are saying and what is actually happening on the field is noticeably flagrant.


So called ‘experts’ appear to be out of touch with the modern game when instead of calling the game as it is being played out, they resort to their opinions and feelings about how their preferred team is performing- for example, instead of saying ‘well played by the Canberra Raiders’ the commentator remarks with ‘and Parramatta just miss out on the win.. blah blah blah Parramatta, Parramatta, Parramatta..’ as if the Raiders are not even there. Not to mention the uncomfortable laughing between commentators at obviously ’in-house only’ jokes that were ill-timed, during play, and made viewers feel the need to hit the mute button.


Sloppy and unprofessional commentary that needs to be cleaned up quick smart. 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: What do you think of the NRL commentary?

This is a forum for getting assistance with the NRL app.


If you wish to provide feedback about the standard of the commentary then you will need to report it to the organisation that provides it (the Nine Network in this case).


Your feedback in this forum will not reach them. Fill out the form at Help | (

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