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Cannot set low credit alert for Prepaid Broadband (USB 4G modem)

My low alert is set to 5Mbytes(default?),  I saw the little alert popup & went straight to telstra & logged in to recharge, but during the process It stopped working as mytelstra is not all unmetered & it drained my credit to 0.


So I need to set it higher, when I go to my account & clik on the prepaid service it shows a link...

"Set up low credit alert        > "       clicking on this takes me to  Automatic Recharge page, (must be a bad hyperlink?)

Checking any of the menus at the right don't have a low credit setting...

So what is the go here ???, why is it so cryptic for such a simple setting.


[Since telstra changed their mytelstra pages I get error for any enquiry (balance, history etc...), but I still could not set low alert in 2019 ]



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Re: Cannot set low credit alert for Prepaid Broadband (USB 4G modem)

I have the same problem.


the 'set low credit alert' link misdirects to the auto-recharge page. There is no option or ability to set a low credit alert at the moment.


Hi Telstra, can you fix it? 


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